Botox Bandits

A mug shot of a "Botox Bandit.." Looks like she stole some lip injections too!!!

Catherine is sick today...poor girl. The only good thing about this, is I got to watch some of "The Today Show."

When Meg was a baby and I was nursing I was quite the daytime TV watcher. "Regis and Kelly", "Oprah", "The View"...I watched em all!

Now things are different. On weekdays the girls and I wake up, RUSH, RUSH, RUSH, I drop them at school at 8:40 and I'm on my merry way...

So anyway, today on "Today" Kathie Lee and Hoda were discussing Botox. Kathie Lee admitted she's a big fan of the stuff. I want to know who she goes to, because I think she looks awesome. And I'm sure she pays big bucks to look as good as she does.

The thing with Botox and Juvederm and all that good stuff is...it's pretty pricey.

A syringe of Juvederm runs about $500. A forehead full of Botox runs about $400. And you have to do it every few months. If you want to do it right, you'll have to pay about $3,500 a year. Bummer.

What is the average woman on a budget to do??? Well, a few clever ladies came up with a plan. These women are "The Botox Bandits." Go ahead...Google it. They are everywhere. Florida, Texas, California, Arizona....our nation is in the midst of an injectable crime spree.

How do you steal Botox? Well, you go into a medispa and give them a fake name. You proceed to get all shot up. Then, when it comes time to pay, you realize you forgot your checkbook or credit card. Tell the lady you need to run out to the car...and then you get the hell out of dodge.

Some advice...don't let them take before and after pictures...that helps the police track you down. Duh.

But hey, at least you'll look hot in your mug shot! Another bonus, is you'll be the best looking gal in prison, which means you get the toughest girlfriend.

I think this crime wave is a sign of the times. Why should wealthy women be the only ones who get Botox? What about the middle class? I certainly hope President Obama has included some funds in his stimulus plan for cosmetic procedures for the needy. It's only fair...and it will keep these poor women out of prison.

If you're with me on this send President Obama a request...www.whitehouse.gov.

Remember...EVERYONE has the right to a smooth, wrinkle free face and they shouldn't have to resort to a life of crime to get it.


Frau said...

I second that I need some help I want lipo and this damn economy is messing it all up.

Mom on the Run said...

That woman scares the hell out of me.

SouthernAspirational said...

I'm on board. Consider the Coalition for Wrinkle-Free Women born.

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

This is great! We deserve our botox, ha.

Dr Zibbs said...


Jan said...

Well, that's one way to get it! My luck I would get caught and then by the time it came to trial my Botox would have worn off.

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