The drudgery of housework...

I'm totally swamped...so I thought I'd dig out one of the first posts I ever did...

I love staying home with my girls-but one of the toughest parts of my job is THE HOUSEWORK. I try to make it fun-and to enjoy the process. I read books on Buddhism and try to enjoy the feel of the sponge in my hand as a scrub the shower, the humming sound of the vacuum, the smell of Pledge. Unfortunately I have "Monkey Mind" and have the attention span of a squirrel. I try to motivate myself with rewards. "If I can unload the dishwasher and put away all the dishes in one session-I can call my sister." "If I can clean all the windows in the family room-I can read the newspaper."

I try to see housework as exercise. Deep knee bends when picking up toys-STRETCH to reach cobwebs-SPRINT up and down stairs tending to requests for sippy cups or popcorn while attempting to reorganize a closet or make a bed.

In order to motivate myself I try to tell myself that I really LOVE having a clean sparkling house. That I take pride in having spotless baseboards and shiny granite counter tops. Not that I am simply trying to avoid the browbeating I will receive when my husband returns from work and exclaims-"What did you do all day!!!!?"

So here I sit at my computer-surrounded by dust bunnies, Barbies and dog hair. I guess I should get to work-but first I need to check my e-mail!!!


Just A Chic... said...

Sweetheart...I feel ya, I LOATHE housework! As soon as my girls were old enough to walk I started delegating the chores out. One puts dishes away, the other takes the clothes from the dryer to the couch for me to hang/fold, then takes the clothes from the washer and puts them in the dryer, they have to pick up their own toys, make their own beds and clean their own bathroom. I even found a short little vaccuum cleaner that they handle pretty well.

I still have to do the deep cleaning, (windows, mopping, showers, loading the dishwasher) but if there's a task they can handle it becomes their responsibilty!

(For some strange reason all 3 girls really enjoy cleaning toilets! WHATever.)

Frau said...

I hate that phrase "What did you do all day?"

Dr Zibbs said...

Maybe if you gals turned off your stories and stopped yappin at the clothes line you could get more done.

Not you. They knw who they are.

B0FF0 said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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