What are you doing here?

You should be at Awkward Family Photos...it's so much more entertaining than this old blog.

Here's a preview...

What a cute idea! A possum in a Baby Bjorn! Precious.

I want to know what's going on in the bottom half of this photo!!

Oh how I love the internet. I could spend the entire day entertaining myself with this crap.

Life is good.


Procrastination Allie said...

Oh good Lord - I visit this site every day. Mostly waiting to see my relatives' pictures posted or to read one of the funny stories that have happened through my family! Love it!

Mrs. D said...

LOL, this is a great site. Have you seen the creepy one of the family in furry "naked" suits? It's got to be THE weirdest one on there.

k e r r y said...

These are GREAT!

Constant Frivolity said...

After reading this post, and showing it to my husband, he spent no less than 2 hours yesterday looking at the site. I haven't seen him laugh that hard in a long time!

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