Tonight's the night...

it's time to suck down some suds, join hands, and learn from the man who's going to change the world.

This is our "teachable moment."

Since we're all open to learning from each other...I'm going to have my say.

When a police officer comes to your home. Doing his job...because he thinks there is a robbery in progress, no matter how obnoxious he might be...cooperate.

Trust me on this. I've had police officers act like complete idiots with me. I just had to pay bail at the police station because my dog licenses hadn't been renewed.

I was pissed. But I cooperated. The cops take way too much shit and they put their lives on the line every day. There are lots of cops who profile minorities. Unfortunately there are lots of criminals who will not hesitate to pull out a gun and shoot a police officer.

Everyone is skittish in these situations. This cop was not profiling. Someone saw two men (race irrelevant) breaking into a house. She did the right thing and called the police.

Gates should have thanked the police. Instead he got indignant and belligerent. Crowley did what he should have done. Why take a chance? I agree with Crowley's decision.

He didn't act stupidly. This wasn't a cocktail party. Gates was disorderly. Maybe HE learned a lesson from all this. But I doubt it.



♥georgie♥ said...

I agree with everything you said!

Mrs. K said...

that guy is a jackass- and I think Obama is a...well it starts with r.

Constant Frivolity said...

Amen, sister!

Maureen said...

Whew, at least someone said it...agreed!

Jaina said...

AMEN Jill. A lot more succinct than my ramble. I get wordy when I'm angry.

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