Minding my Manners

One thing I DO know, always remove your white glove before you pick your nose!

I have an etiquette question.

I've checked out all the major etiquette websites, including Emily Post and Etiquette Hell, and I cannot find an official answer.

Here goes:

When sitting at a table with other people at a restaurant, or social function, and someone approaches your table to chat, do you stand to speak with them, or remain seated and allow the person who is standing to remain standing while you remain seated, and hold your conversation?

I'll admit. I'm stumped.

I know my readers are people with the utmost class and decorum, so I'm sure you can help me out!!

Please advise!!

(And while you're at it, I know the grammar in this post is atrocious, so if any of you would like to proofread this, and correct my grammar, I will be forever in your debt.)


suburban prep said...

Good question.
I have seen this happen many times.
What I have seen as the reaction is that many times a man will stand if greeted (by either a man or a woman). A woman has the choice but usually sits.
As a person ages and someone comes up to them I have seen the man continue to sit. The person who comes to greet can continue to stand or to pull a chair over to sit for a few minutes. (It also depends upon the social situation). Weddings, Country Club, restaurant, train station.

Antoinette Seminario-Skinner said...

I think if it is someone you know well, like your best friend, you can remain seated. If it is your best friend's mom or dad, your your boss, an acquaintance, or even your own grandmother, you should stand. Or, just trust your instinct, and how well you know the person. Common sense and respect/courtesy rule here.
(Sorry for my rambling answer- I am obviously not a writer!!)
PS- I LOVE your blog, still laughing about the Crisco post...wrestling with the other tennis player...your "liberal" neighbor...

WSU Laura said...

I really have no idea, but just wanted to comment on your fabulous picture. Too funny!

Cookie Crums said...

If it's someone very familiar, I say stay seated. If it's more of a business or political function, I say stand. I honestly believe it just boils down to more of a respect issue than anything. Just my opinion! :)

Mrs. K said...

I say you get up and don't have the person crowd the space around the people who are sitting next to you- i know this because I can't stand it when it's done to me. So those are MY rules.

Hey I'm giving away an eye cream so stop in and leave your name! (not that you need it!)

Jillian, Inc said...

This is just my opinion, but I'd stand up and step away from the table so as to not impose upon the others at the table. And also, I don't like someone standing over me...they might get too up close and personal with my roots-that-probably-need-a-touchup.

Jaina said...

I think Suburban Prep has it spot on. I think it also depends on where you are sitting. If you're in a booth it might not be possible to stand. If you want to go really old school and formal, gentlemen are supposed to stand both when people join or leave them at table, particularly ladies, but for other gentlemen too. (watch Emma to see this in action)

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