Natural & Organic Love Affair...

I won't be at the computer for the next couple of days. My brother in law and his lovely girlfriend will be paying us a visit from the West Coast, so I will be busy frolicking and showing them a good time, "Jersey Style."

Before I log off I must mention my newest love.

Whole Foods

I am really into Whole Foods and intend on spending lots of time and money there this summer.

I love everything about that place. The jewelry made from aluminum pop tops, the amazing selection of Tazo teas, the all natural cleaning products, the crunchy employees.

Who needs camp for the kids? We can spend hours each day exploring the aisles of Whole Foods!!

We might need to take a second mortgage out on the house to afford all the herbal shampoo, eucalyptus and lavender laundry detergent, and organic mahi mahi burgers, I intend to purchase, but damn it...it's so worth it!

Which brings me to my newest blog commenter. Organic Meatbag. Doesn't that sound like something you could buy at Whole Foods? Check out his blog. Totally irreverent and not for the faint of heart. But hilarious.

Catch you all in a couple of days.


Mom on the Run said...

Whole Foods bought our Harry's Farmer's Markets a few years ago, combining the best of their crunchy granola with Harry's gourmet foods. I love to shop there but my only complaint is that sometimes it looks like tour buses have dropped off boatloads of people for a field trip. While it is fab and fun, it IS a working grocery store,and some of us want to get in and out of there. So I'm that crotchety middle aged woman giving you dirty looks while you block the entire aisle oohing and aahing over the selection of pastas.

Sorry, I have to get to the natural supplements aisle for my happy pills.

The Mrs. said...

I loooove WF. Love their produce to death!

Jan said...

Wish we had a Whole Foods near us. I went to one in Florida though. I loved it.

Jaina said...

I've never actually been to Whole Foods, but I've heard great things. I love Henry's though. I think it's the cheaper version of Whole Foods in a way. Have a great visit with your brother and his girlfriend!

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