Get a job!

Once again, my husband is asking me if my resume is updated so I can find a job once school is back in session.

I've had a few suggestions for jobs that might be suitable for me including teaching or real estate. Both are very noble professions, but I don't know if they really fit my "skill set."

I've been deliberating and I've come up with some jobs I would love.

1. Tennis pro

Who plays in over 40 tournaments while the girls are at school and brings in huge amounts of prize money...(yeah, yeah, I know I have to WIN to get prize money...but that's a small technicality) I could also endorse products like Ben Gay and Midol.

2. Person who drives around in a golf cart at a golf course and sells drinks and snacks.

(Only if it pays over 50 grand a year.)

3. Character actress.

(Who does one film a year, in the summer, and can bring my children to the set so they can travel the world and see lots of exotic locales.)

4. Blogger.

(With ads that bring in huge amounts of revenue.)

Those, my friends, are my kind of jobs.

If you know of anyone that's hiring, drop me an e-mail.

Make sure you specify which position so I can doctor my resume.


Preppy 101 said...

I say you should go for #4, accompanied with #1.

Mrs. K said...

wow why is he making such ugly threats?

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

I think he needs an idea for all that you do during the day that won't get done when you have an outside job. (feel free to come to Dallas for a visit so he can get the picture, ha)
If I had to pick a job I think I'd go for driving the golf cart around. You could fall out of it, sue, and be set for the year. Go from club to club. :)

Anonymous said...

Jill, you are an idiot. I hate your blogs.

Mrs. K said...

Oh Jill....this is such a compliment- but my question is: if anon hates your blogs so much- then why is he/she here? Obviously she doesn't- don't you have sitemeter on this? that way you can see exactly where he/she came from!

drc8151 said...

>>>If you know of anyone that's hiring, drop me an e-mail.

Someone is hiring??? Please share that info - once you get first pick of the jobs, naturally.

The 5 Bickies said...

My skill set is very similar to yours. When you find a job and need an assistant, will you hire me?

Southern Fried Girl said...

So yeah, of course after reading your most recent post, I had to come see.

Blog(s)????? Blogs, pleural????

What am I missing?

Yeah I totally glossed over the fact that they hate you. LOL

Cookie Crums said...

I like #2. Only if the drinks were non alcholic though.... b/c if alcohol was invovled you might have to deal with pain in the butt drunks. And that might take some of the fun away.

as far as the anon comment.... why take the time to write on your blog? Never understand that!

I'm a follower....don't comment a lot but love reading your posts. :)

Jan said...

Anon is rude.

Jaina said...

I was all set to comment on the post and then I saw the comment from Anonymous. How rude. And seriously, if they hate your blogs why are they reading them? And really, have the guts to post with your own name. Seriously, don't people have better things to do than leave hateful comments?

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