Don't you hate it...

when you are lying in bed at night, on the verge of falling fast asleep, when all of a sudden an amazing blog post idea pops in your head.

You contemplate dragging your butt out of bed and over to the computer, but instead you fall peacefully asleep, vowing to write that amazing post in the morning.

The next day, you try to recall the incredible idea you had the night before, and it's gone. POOF. That fabulous, earth shattering idea, is gone with the wind.

Trust me, the thought I had last night would have rocked your world. It would have catapulted this blog out of obscurity. But I was too darn lazy to push myself.

I can only pray that another brilliant idea materializes tonight.

If it does, I'll be ready.

From now on, I'm sleeping with my laptop.

Carry on.


Jaina said...

Been there for sure, it's SO irritating! I hope your idea comes back to you. Have a great Saturday!

Tara R. said...

Exactly why I keep a notebook on my night stand. Hope your blog muse returns.

Feener said...

so fucking true. i got myself a notebook as well, but then when i would go to write the post i realized the idea was NOT so rocking and wouldn't even write it.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

uh, all the time!! I do my best "writing" at night-of course all in my head!!! ha

Jan said...

I'm sure it will come back to you or even something better!

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