I've been A.W.O.L.

and I forgot to bring my camera!

The best babysitter in the world (my mom) is in town, so Brad and I took a little getaway.

Here's a brief rundown of our travels:

We stayed at the Seaview Resort near Atlantic City. It's a great old hotel. Beautifully restored with 2 golf courses, lots of pools, clay tennis courts and a spa with all the amenities.

My first stop...The Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon for a Signature Facial and Lactic Acid Peel. Sooo relaxing, and just look how young I look!!!

For the first time in 2 years I played golf.

We played 18 holes on the Seaview Bay Course. It was fun hanging out with Brad, but I'm not sure I have the attention span for 18 holes. 9 holes is about my speed. We used a golf cart, but I'm still so sore!! I guess hitting a golf club at full speed into the grass about 200 times will take a toll on your muscles! If it wasn't so expensive I would have headed back to the spa for a massage!

After golf we headed to the Borgata in Atlantic City for sushi, drinks and blackjack....

I won $10. No lie. We played blackjack for 2 hours and I won $10. Better than losing right? And I LOVE blackjack...so we had a ball.

We ended our little couples retreat with a trip to Cape May where we had lunch at the Blue Pig Tavern. I had the most delicious lump crab and asparagus salad and Brad had a pulled pork sandwich which he thoroughly enjoyed. I have never had a pulled pork sandwich, and I have no desire to try it. The term "pulled pork" kind of freaks me out.
It sounds medieval.

So there you have it...

Sounds like an itinerary from "The Dating Game" doesn't it?

I deliberately left the laptop home so I wouldn't be tempted to spend any of my quality time with my husband surfing the net.

It was definitely the right decision.

Enough about me. What have you been up to?


Feener said...

sounds lovely !!!!

linda said...

Glad you had a refreshing, fun and romantic vacay.

Frau said...

Sounds very relaxing!

The Housley's said...

Ahhh sounds absolutely blissful! Good for you! :-)

Dr Zibbs said...

Did he try to put the moves on you?

Jaina said...

Sounds like a great trip. I'm glad you got to get away for a little bit.

Kate said...

oooohh--i am jealous. the hotel looks beautiful. y'all need to come down to the south to try our pulled pork. i was a vegetarian before I came here. no longer.

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