My new love...

Say hello to my little friend...the Wii Active Personal Trainer!!

So cool.

If you haven't seen it yet you have to check it out!

It have workouts consisting of strength exercises with resistance, cardio, and sports drills.

You can pick a personal trainer to work with and set up a 30 day challenge to get in shape.

I love it, and so does Brad. I only wish I had started the workouts sooner, like BEFORE team tennis started.

If I keep up with this I will be an ANIMAL next season.

The tennis ladies of NJ should be afraid...very, very afraid.

Insert evil, maniacal laugh here....


Frau said...

Be careful, I hear you can get a Wii injury pretty easy from too much. Do you need a Wii Fit to have the trainer?

jenn said...

I've been waffling over buying this. Is it harder-core than Wii Fit? I don't find that I get a good enough workout from that.

Jaina said...

I've heard good things about this. Wouldn't work for me yet though since I don't have a wii...the bf has one down at his house. I've just started up my Shred again with Jillian Michaels....and a bit sore after taking a nearly 2 week break. I'm glad you're enjoying your new personal trainer :)

Kate said...

we have a wii, but our rock band was destroyed by 5 year old sitting on the drum set. I am reluctant to buy anything else for the wii. But probably there is nothing attached?

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