I like to live dangerously!

My husband is very anxious since I posted a photo of the woman who beat me at tennis yesterday.

He has a vision of someone coming across my blog and calling her to inform her that the woman she played against (me) is a weirdo tennis stalker.

He envisions her coming to our house and demanding that I remove my blog post and get a life.

He then pictures me telling her to calm the hell down and punching her in the face. The end of his fantasy involves us coming to fisticuffs and wrestling around the yard in our short little tennis skirts while he watches.

Did I mention my husband is a perv??


Anonymous said...

Lol, leave it to a man to turn anything into a sexy catfight.

Do you think she'd really care? She ought to be flattered that you posted about her.

Pearl said...


Your husband's got a lot of imagination!


Frau said...

Your husband sounds alot like mine, but it is Jersey and that could very well happen. You know you Jersey girls!

Stylestance said...

Too funny ... your blog is very entertaining! :)

Kate said...

I'm with your husband. I'd be nervous, very nervous.

preppyinnewengland said...

That is hilarious! LOL!

♥georgie♥ said...

Oh my LOL...MEN! ;-)

Jaina said...

Lol...how funny would it be if you orchestrated something like that just to mess with him?

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