Answer to the Kate Gosselin photo question...

I'm back from my beach weekend with the gals, and believe it or not...I behaved.

I will post a hilarious photo from the weekend, but I'm too lazy to download it now...so you'll have to wait.

I know you've all been waiting for my answer as to what's UNUSUAL about Kate's bikini photos.

I have to say, we have quite an observant bunch of readers here at Caffeine Court.

Yes, indeed, Kate's belly button is unusually high. Apparently that's what happens when you have a tummy tuck.

I think she looks awesome. Obviously she is well kept. Except for one area. My friend and her husband pointed out to me that Kate has a "bulge" in her bikini, which means one of two things...either she is A.) a hermaphrodite, or B.) too busy getting her hair dyed, tanning and getting a tummy tuck, to properly groom her "lady."

Since she's given birth we know the answer is B.)

Thanks for playing.


Mrs. D said...

She certainly does have some "growth" issues going on.

andy said...

one should always maintain their "lady".

that is totally awesome and i may have to change my use of "girl bits" to my "lady".


p.s. they could move my belly button to my freakin' armpit if i got a tummy tuck out of the deal. i KNEW i should have taken some fertility pills so that i could've had multiples and scored a reality television show. because THEN i'd have nice tata's and a flat stomach without stretchmarks...sigh.

Frau said...

I'm so over them there 15 minutes of fame needs to be over those poor kids!

Mrs. K said...

hey ipointed that one out too!

Tara R. said...

I don't think I would have ever noticed the belly button.

Far From Perfect said...

Too funny- I remember a "Sex & the City" episode where Sam grew her "Lady" out for her younger boyfriend and then tried to dye it... funny. Is she (Kate) really that crabby...poor kids.

Jaina said...

I think she looks pretty good considering how many kids she's had. I think what she's doing is absolutely ridiculous...I don't think I would ever put my life on television like that. There is nothing real about reality television. Seriously. Her belly button IS freakishly high. Weird.

Jillian, Inc said...

Ha! I stared at the photo in People thinking something was off and then I figured out it was the belly button. And my hubby mentioned the bulge - yeesh. I personally can't stand her, but I do think she looks good.

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