Some stuff I've been into...

What do I do when I'm lacking blog material??? Talk about "STUFF!"

Here is some stuff I like:

My J. Crew Straw Beach Bag...

I have other summer bags, but this is the one I carry ALL THE TIME.

And it's on sale for $29.50.

Go buy it...now. (After you finish commenting on this post.)

Clark's Artisan Collection...

I always pictured Clark's as gooberish looking walking shoes, but they have some really cool sandals.

I got these wedges (The Erda in Peanut) and they are so cute. They look exactly like a pair I saw at Anthropologie for $200 and they only set me back $65.

I've been trying to cut down on the caffeine/aspartame consumption and I've found a marvelous alternative. Herbal Iced Tea.

My favorite....Pomegranate. Runner up...passion fruit.

So good, no calories, no caffeine, cheap...what could be better?

How about you? Any cool stuff you want to share with the class?


Jillian, Inc said...

I bought a pair of Clark's flip-flops recently and love them. My opinion about Clark's was the same as yours...but now I highly recommend them.

Mitch said...

Hey! I love that Pomegranate tea too.
In fact I was so frustrated not being able to find it in my supermarket that I had to order a carton of 6 boxes of 20 bags each. Something tells me after I get through all those boxes I won't be so enthusiastic about the tea!

Anonymous said...

Not really.

I'm in a buying slump. I NEED to buy two raincoats but can't get my ass to the stores to find some nice portable ones for our trip.

I NEED to buy some good leather walking shoes so that I don't look like the stupid American tourist in Europe with sneakers or flip flops.

I NEED to buy underwear because mine needs revamping.

I NEED to go do a lot of stuff. I'm just not feeling it.

Anonymous said...

I found something AWESOME today, as a matter of fact, that I MUST HAVE. It's an infant car seat that carries up to 30 lb infants! Like 95% of car seats max out at 22 lbs, and I am having another 10lb-er so this is monumental. (My first outgrew his infant car seat at 3 1/2 months so this is a wonderful find for me. I am soooo excited!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

oh great finds!

Clarity said...

Herbal Iced Tea?? Can I order that for delivery to London? I adore Pomegranate, one of the most heavenly fruits.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Cute bag. I have a big one sorta like that I got at JCrew several years ago. I love it!

Jaina said...

Ooooh, pomegranate. I love pomegranate...I may have to try that.

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