Things could be worse...

I belong to "Freecycle" and my e-mail in-box is always full of offers, most of which are pure crap.

Here's one I got today...

Offer: Large Lot of Books

"He's Just Not That Into You."

"What Should I do with My Life?"

"How to be Alone."

"The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People."


"Quarterlife Crisis"

Damn. And here I was getting all despondent because I lost a few tennis matches.

Things could be worse...MUCH worse.


Mrs. D said...

Yeah, sounds like somebody's life is really sucking if they own all those titles.

Jaina said...

Lol, those are an interesting lot of books.

Anonymous said...

i had a lot of books like that from my 20's!!

Stylestance said...

Hahaha, that's great. It always makes the day brighter when you keep things in perspective ... :)

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