Meryl's Choice...

My husband and I managed to snag a babysitter for this Saturday night, and if I have my way, we will go to see a movie.

The question is...WHICH movie? Brad wants to see Avatar, which is not my kind of flick, at all.

I am leaning towards, "It's Complicated." The reviews for this film,are okay but I love the cast. Meryl Streep is the best , Alec Baldwin cracks me up, and I am a huge Steve Martin fan.

I have to admit, that the thing that most intrigues me is the buzz over Meryl Streep's face. Critics have been applauding her decision to forgo Botox or face lifts and to celebrate her lines and sagging. Meryl Streep has made the brave decision to "age gracefully."

What a daring woman!

Granted, she is an incredibly talented actress with great bone structure and flawless skin, which might make her decision a bit easier, but she does have a point. The camera shows everything, especially on the big screen, as an actor you need to move your face to show expression, when you tweak things too much, you don't look younger, you just look old and weird.

The girl has a point: Exhibit A: Priscilla Presley

Exhibit B: Jessica Lange

and the freakiest example of all...Exhibit C:

Mickey Rourke

Ouch, and just think, these people went through painful surgery and paid big bucks to look like this.

If given the choice, I would choose saggy and wrinkly, over freaky any day of the week.

How about you?


Lori said...

Amen, amen, and amen. I thought I was the only one who thought that. Nice to see I'm not alone! BTW, I saw Avatar with the hubby and really liked it. You may be surprised. :)


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%! Meryl is beautiful in a classic way. She gets it that she doesn't have to look like Barbie to be pretty. It's just weird to look 20 when you are 60.

Constant Frivolity said...

So, did Jessica pay money to look older than she actually is?

Tara R. said...

Don't forget Joan Rivers... totally freaky. Meryl has been a long time fav of mine too. She is still beautiful.

(Saw Avatar with the family, it as awesome... but I love SciFi stuff.)

Dr Zibbs said...

Nothing worse than bad plastic surg.

Preppy 101 said...

Well, honey. Yes, I have chosen sagging and wrinkly! Not worse than looking like those three!! ;-) Have a great week! xoxo

Karen said...

At 35 I just discovered my first real line between my eye brows. I am seriously considering getting a touch of botox there. They do it at my salon and I am going to ask when go in next week.

I don't want to look freaky, but I am not ready to "age gracefully" either.

Caffeine Court said...

Karen-nothing wrong with a touch of Botox. I think it's the surgery that makes people look totally freakish!

Frau said...

Go see it's complicated it's really good! I think botox yes anything more to the face NO!

Mom on the Run said...

All I know is if the doctors those people can afford do that to them, then I would be truly frightened to let a run of the mill plastic surgeon touch my face. Although I do have to say that I have a friend whose husband is a ps and she recently had her eyelids nipped just a tiny bit and it looks great. She still looks like a fiftysomething woman without baggy eyelids.

BTW, Janey talked me out of the Eddie Bauer harness boots because of course I couldn't get them zipped and they looked really cute on her and she kinda needs a black pair so if I wasn't going to send them back she'd just take them off my hands, okay? They're tight and pretty tall (I can't even imagine what the extended calf version looks like, must be for people who are six feet tall). The short equestrian boots are too big, so I may send them back. I usually wear an 8, I ordered 8.5 in both. The 8.5 fit fine in the harness boots, but I couldn't zip them around the top of my calf, and the 8.5 in the others were uncomfortably too big. So there you go....hope that info is useful.

Cookie Crums said...

What about the movie "Blindside"? I've heard nothing but excellent things about this movie from men and women. Just an idea. :)

And Joan Rivers should be on here too.

Maureen said...

I saw the previews for Avatar a few weeks ago when I saw Blindside. I am not into it either. Plus I am sort of anti-James Cameron after he left his wife for one of the actresses in Titanic. Like I should care! Anyway, I would go see It's Complicated.

And as for the aging - leave well enough alone. Those medically enhanced individuals look ridiculous.

Bossy Betty said...

Yikes! These pictures are freaky! Found your blog this morning and liked it. I'm a follower now!

The Mrs. said...

Saw the movie and loved it. She is the poster child for aging gracefully. Holy Moly jessica lange is scary. She's got the megryanitus.

Jaina said...

It's a little late, but I hope you saw It's Complicated, the movie was SO hysterical! Saw it in a packed theater with my fiance, my cousin and her boyfriend. There were times the theater was roaring with laughter. I love Meryl Streep, she's amazing! (that said, I want to see Avatar too)

Anonymous said...

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