Is there anybody out there!!!

Wow. Only one brave commenter on the Teletubbies video.

Did anyone watch it?

You should...it's funny. Really. In a sick sort of way.


frugalapolis said...

post the link again, saw it today at work but video links are blocked at my job..

Lipstick said...

I totally missed it, but I went back and watched...very funny. I was trying to think of the tv preacher who got all the harassing for calling the teletubbies gay. I guess he was onto something! LOL

HouseMama said...

Aaackkkk! Are you sure that's for real? Can't believe they put that on T.V. - licking someone's bum on PBS. Cr.A.zy.
p.s. the preacher was Jerry Falwell, I think.

Mama Wheaton said...

I must have missed it, I've been sick for a few days, sorry.

Caffeine Court said...

The video is totally real. Someone slowed it down and added music, but the rest is actual footage. I saw it when it first aired, my daughter was about 1. It "cracked" me up.(A little butt humor)

Jaina said...

Agreed. I'm just behind in my reader. Almost caught up...at least on the main blogs part of it.

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