They don't call it GREEN juice for nothin'!

As you know, my latest obsession is my consumption of green juice. I just returned from the market and I'm thinking the color of the juice isn't the only thing green about it. Healthy, organic, fruits and veggies are expensive!!

I just purchased ginger root, papaya, pineapple, fresh parsley, romaine lettuce, lemons, cucumbers, granny smith apples and raspberries. All delicious and packed full of vitamins, but can you say CHA CHING?? Ouch.

Couple that with the fact that my 10 year old lab has to get some dental work done or she'll be toothless. This little piece of canine maintenance is going to set us back $800 smackaroos.

Catch you guys later. I'm going to switch my car insurance to Geico, and and take all the money I save to the produce department.


Dr Zibbs said...

Dental worK?

Mrs. D said...

It IS expensive to eat healthy. Not fair.

Feener said...

so how was the green juice ?????

Frau said...

Are you feeling a difference drinking the juice? Did you turn into Wonder Women?

Alexis Black said...

I knew that was coming...I saw that video and the stack of veggies in your house was shocking! I'm thinking what makes that juice healthy is the running back and forth to the store you have to do. Nice juicer, by the way. Now, about Abby's teeth....like really. Teeth falling out, or should probably have it done? Just checking because they told us to have work done on Alex like 4 years ago. There was no way we had that kind of money to spend, so we just ignored them. She is still going strong...not the nicest smelling breath in town, but she's fine. Remember vets have a lot of student loans to pay off. All I'm saying.

simplynotso said...

HELLO! Mona vie????????????

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