Hey there strangers!!

I wanted to pop in to say hi, but I can only visit with you for a second.

I wrote all about how I loved the idea of not over scheduling my children, when the reality is that this week is crazy busy. Lacrosse games, sleepover parties, tennis, t-ball, the school talent show...along with the regular school days. Crazy I tell you.

Next week will be better.

On a happy note, my daughter Meg sang a solo in her school talent show last night and it was beautiful. She's shy by nature, but boy does she love to step into the spotlight. I'm really proud of her.

The bad part is that the audience at the show was so RUDE!! Kids were trying to perform and everyone was talking really loud. Finally one of my friends stood up and FLIPPED out on all the obnoxious kids in the bleachers. It was classic. She scared the crap out of everyone for about 10 minutes, and then they started back up. I give her credit. Too bad the other parents and the teachers let their kids run wild.

The show runs for 3 hours, so tonight will be another long night of sitting in the audience with a bored 5 year old, surrounded by parents with grins glued on their exhausted faces.

It's all worth it to see the proud look on my daughter's face when she steps onto the stage.

On with the show!!!!Justify Full.


brown eyed girl said...

Aw, that's sweet your daughter went up on stage alone, so cute!

And kids, they can be so rude sometimes!!

Mrs. D said...

I LOVE seeing people stand up and make a scene like your friend did, lol. Good for her, (and the rest of you trying to hear :-)

Alexis Black said...

So psyched for Meg. Brad said she was amazing. Now take it easy on her. I was laughing at the timing of your slow moving family post and Meg's big week. LOL. All in moderation, I think. If she was sitting home with you, she never would experience the pride of performing in front of hundreds of spectators! Where better to build confidence like that? Now where is the video?

Tara R. said...

Good luck to Meg or is it 'break a leg.' Hope life settles down for you all next week.

Far From Perfect said...

I've lived this moment- but it was my Dad doing the sccreaming"could of died"- tons of other parents thanked him after. He has sworn NEVER to do that again!!!

Jan said...

Those kid programs are so fun. Enjoy.

MommyTime said...

I love that you're going to the show both nights. That's awesome. The kids onstage may be aware of the rudeness of other kids, but they will surely know if their parents are out there or not. Your daughter will be delighted.

Jaina said...

Sounds awesome! Good luck to her :)

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