You've got questions...I've got answers!!!

So far so good on the questions, I was hoping no one would ask anything too shocking or personal, since I did say I would answer ANYTHING. Thanks for keeping it clean.

Anyway, here we go.

Jane Doe asks...

What is your personality in real life? Outspoken or do you save it for your blog?

My blog pretty much reflects my personality. I'm pretty forthright, but not so much so that I hurt people's feelings. I try to be open minded. Although I do have strong opinions on certain subjects, I try not to shove those opinions down any one's throat and I respect other people's right to disagree with me.

Linda asks...How's your Dad doing?

Linda, thanks so much for asking. Last January 2nd was a really scary day for us. That day my father went in for surgery to repair his aorta. They told us the surgery would take about 4 or 5 hours. 11 hours later we were still sitting in the waiting room, with no word from anyone!! At about hour eight I was ready to poke my head in the operating room, just to ask how it was going. For some reason they wouldn't let me in!!! HOW RUDE.

Anyway, my dad is doing really great. Having an aortal dissection is usually fatal. Thanks to some amazing doctors at Columbia Presbyterian and Jersey Shore Medical Center my father managed to dodge the bullet TWICE, He is also incredibly determined and keeps up with his healthcare, which helps alot. We are so thankful that he is still with us. He's even playing tennis again!!

Angry Julie Monday...How did you get started playing tennis?

Since we're talking about my Dad this is a perfect subject. Both of my parents played tennis when I was a kid, and my Dad was REALLY into it. We started playing around on the court when I was around 7. That led to lessons and high school tennis. I put down my racquet when I went away to college. (I needed both hands for all the beers and jello shots I was consuming.)

I didn't play for about 20 years. I barely even worked out. Then, when I had my youngest daughter, five years ago I wanted to get back in shape without going to the gym. I joined a doubles league and tennis once again became a huge part of my life.

I can't say enough good things about it. It's a great social sport that you can play your entire life. There are people out on the court in their eighties. If you haven't tried it, YOU SHOULD!! (The bonus is, tennis outfits are SO cute!)

Oh and to answer your question La Petite Redhead...

It's NEVER too late to start playing tennis. Call your local club and ask if they have beginner clinics (which I'm sure they do!) Depending on your level of commitment, you will be playing games before you know it! Then I'll have another friend to talk tennis with!! Go, do it, right now...pick up the phone! You'll be glad you did.

Okay, that's all for now. I'll answer more questions later.

My youngest wants to do "Sand Art." Time to make a mess.


Far From Perfect said...

brave post.. you have a nice following-kept it clean.

Jaina said...

Great answers..I hope Sand Art didn't get too messy. ;)

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