Show me your ugly side!

I love all the feedback I got on my citizen's arrest the other day. I think I need to get fiesty more often! It makes my blogging so much more interesting. Maybe I'll get into a fight everyday and write about it. I should even video tape my encounters and post them. How fun would that be? I would have to rename my blog "Don't mess with the Jillster."

But since I'm all into my books on Buddhism, I'm going to practice non-violence. It's not as entertaining, but I have responsibilities and I don't want to humiliate my family or end up in jail. I love getting attention, but it's not worth it. Sorry ladies.

Since I'm all fired up from my encounter with "The Christian Joan Rivers" I've decided to post a new topic on Collage. And that topic is...(drum roll please) WHAT PISSES YOU OFF?

It seems we have alot of angry people out there. There's some major league venting going on...check it out!


Anonymous said...

That story was GREAT!!! lol. And the venting on collage felt great. Just what I needed. :-)

Kate said...

You know, the pleasant non-violence tends to piss off jack asses like the one you saw the other day. Watch them get pissed off & have a tantrum can be just as entertaining;)

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