Help me out here.

I'm doing a little study on children's names. (Don't ask why, just play along with me.)

If you are willing to participate please type your children's names, (first name only) and the names of their five best friends. Then tell me your state.

Okay, I'll start.

Margaret (Meg): Jane, Sydney, Emma, Katherine (Katie), Madison (Maddy)

Catherine (no nickname, although my husband tries to call her Catie and it just doesn't feel right to me!): Brynn, Josette (Josie), Juliana, Gretchen, Garrett (a boy)

Our state: New Jersey

Once you've done that, would you please e-mail me your social security number, routing number and account number from your checking account and your full name. I'm also doing a study on identity theft.

Thanks so much.

(But seriously, do the kids' name thing...)


linda said...

Alexandra(Sandy): Kathleen(Kate),
Liana, Megan, Emma, Haley.
State: NY

Anonymous said...

Kyle: Rayce(race), Brady, Kaleb, Aaron, and Trevor


Southern Fried Girl said...

Well my damn kid refuses to exit my hoohah, so I will give you his name and the 5 kids who were just born recently among friends and fam. Fair?

Mine: Jacob (Farthead, fat boy, brat, pooter)
Friends: Noah, Nolan, Ryan, Cassidy, Gabriel


Anonymous said...

Hannah: Julia,Lauren,Kelseigh,Avery,Paige
State: MA.

Anonymous said...

Quinn (boy): Drew, Ajay, Jack, Owen, Casey

Naomi: Alexander, Leah, Mei, Ruby

State: Michigan

Anonymous said...

Julianna: Juliana (I Know right!?), Allia, Emily, Bella, Tiffany


Here's my social
Sorry I have no bank accounts- I keep my money in my mattress :P

And I'm thinking WHICH story to tell...

Anonymous said...

alexandra (alex): alyssa, sasha, faith, patrick, grace


Anonymous said...

natalie: brooke, ava, robbie,

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel: Zach, Daniel, Robert, Frankie,

Spencer: Justin, Justin, Chase, Griffin

State: SC

Anonymous said...

only because I will totally screw with your research....

VASILIS(yup! That's my son's name!!! Nicknames include: VMan, V, Lil V))-Mark, Brendan, Chase, Jonathan & Ryan

ISABELLE(nicknames include Belle, Izzy & Bella)-Siene, Julianna, Robert, Joseph & Rebecca

I am in the great state of NJ and while playing tennis tomorrow I will do as I usually do and shout out a stifled 'Caffeine Court!' and see if anyone turns around. :)

WSU Laura said...

Madden and Connor
Josh, Jake, Monica, Amber, Ilan

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Kyla (Baby Carrot, Puddin Pants, Pud The Pants, Princess Pumpkin Pie) - Kaleigh, Madison, Veronica, Gabriella, & Rebecca

Bryleigh (Baby Chili Pepper, Monkey Butt, Monk, Baby Pumpkin) - Kadence, Will Riley, Lincoln, Kevin Michael, & Kristie

State - Florida

Would give you my SS#, but I don't have one since I am really a royal princess from a small nation that use to be a part of the USSR. But if you could send me yours as well at 25K, I can use that to travel back and dig up the family treasures that my father hid in an old tree trunk before he was killed. I will share the treasures with you for your kindness...

jsprik said...

Hannah (Pumpkin Head)



Meaghan said...

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K and/or K said...

betty petunia (did you say no felines?0: micheal scott, blair waldborf, chuck bass, liz lemon, kath day (soon to be night)

Lisa said...

I would play along but I really can't remember the names of five of their friends. Here in the mid-west it seems like they are all Caden, Jaden and Braden. Although I did hear a rumor of a David.

Angry Julie Monday said...

Caden, Kai, Josiah, Tommy, Harper


jenn said...

Kathleen (Kate): Elizabeth (Ellie), Marissa, Brogan, Colette, Christine

Hannah: Mackenzie, Samantha (Sam), Brooke, Alyssa, Sarah


I'll be interested to hear your findings on this! Why people choose the names they do has always been fascinating to me!

Anonymous said...

Since I use an alias on my blog for privacy, I will respond anon.
Jesse: Alec, Cameron, Bryan, Tyler, Jay
Anna-Caroline: Hannah, Olivia, Savannah, Julia, Lexie

Anonymous said...

Ooops, anon is in SC

Anonymous said...

Grant: Cole, Michael, Tyler, Kate, Lucy

IL (Chicago burbs)

Anonymous said...

My kids are old (you'll probably be able to figure me out if you really want....and I'm thinking of coming clean on the kids' names on my blog, but since I haven't yet, I'll be anonymous, too).

Jenna: Rachel, Mary, Lauren, Caroline, Allison

Jayne: Darby, Carrie, Katherine, Sarah, Robin

Judson: Cameron (Cam), Ryan, Parker, Will, Will, Will, Will

Josh: Zach, Mitchell, Will, Will, Will

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I live in Georgia. Land of fertility and boys named Will.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth: Madelyn, Paige, Reeya, Siyona, Olivia

Adeline: Eleanor (Ellie), Alexa, Addison, Haley, Andrew


Sally said...

Sara: Rose, Anna, Deanna, Sarah, Mary


sltbee69 said...

Gabrielle (Gabby): Ashley, Kelsey, Kelci, Hannah, Kaitlin


Tara R. said...

Kyle: Brady, Tony, Zach, Sean, Ben
Jessica: Mandy, Danielle, Elana, Lauren, Whitley
State: Florida

Anonymous said...

Grant, Hudson

Emma (tons of them), Avery (tons of them), Madison (tons of them), Gavin, Jake, Connor (tons of them), Ella (tons of them)


Kate said...

Caroline: Ava, Amelia, Tori, Lexie, and Gabrielle.

Finnegan: well...Finn is two so "best friends" is a relative term but here are some other twos we know: Drew, Aidan, Tiernan, Ronan, and Emma.

Kate said...

Oh and we live in Connecticut.

Immoral Matriarch said...

Isabella: Kadin, Campbell

Rosario: Alex, Mary Ruth

North Carolina.

Casey said...

Elliot (Elli-O, Smelliot, Princess Pea, Pretty Pretty) - She's not old enough to have friends yet.

Graham (Grahamanator, Cute Pie, Grahambone, Bo Bo) - No friends yet, he's under 2.

We're in FL

Mossback Meadow said...

Caleb: Zach, Zach, Wade, Andrew, Chris

Lydia: Stasia, Maddy, Catherine, Anna, Maggie

Zane: Connor, Chad, Spencer, Evan

Erin: Katie, Natalie, Sarah, Sarah, Amelia

Hello from Ohio.

Jaina said...

I don't have any kids, otherwise I'd play.

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