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5 Random Things About Me:

1. I love drinking milk. I could drink a gallon a day...but I don't want to weigh 200 lbs.

2. My hair, nails and cuticles grow REALLY fast. I should get my hair cut/colored once a month (or more) and I SHOULD shave my legs every day.

3. I love talk radio and news radio...Dr. Joy Browne, Bill O'Reilly, NPR, 1010 WINS in NY...everything except call in sports shows.

4. I cannot believe I'm over 40 and really need to embrace my age. Every time a young adult calls me ma'am I cringe...even though I know they are being polite. (TOTALLY a topic for a post.)

5. I completely try to convince myself when I play tennis that it's all about having fun...but I love to WIN!!! (I do hide how glad I am when I win...I hate when people jump up and down like they won the Miss America pageant when they win a USTA match...I find that really embarrassing!)

If you haven't already done this...go for it! (Make sure you tell me when you do...)


Paula said...

I also hate it when people jump up and down, high-five, etc. One girl that I play with dances a little jig when she gets a point. It drives me nuts!

Karen MEG said...

Cute post... and for #4, just do it! I hate the ma'am thing too, in fact, any time a young person calls me "miss" I feel like giving them a huge hug... how old ladylike is that :)! And I KNOW they are just being polite!

I envy your tennis capability ... one sport I wish I took more time to actually learn to do.

The Immoral Matriarch said...

O'Reilly makes me want to shoot myself with a shotgun. :(

I wish I could play tennis. Like Charlotte from SATC in those cute little skirts with Trey. :)

mom of 4 said...

I love your quote today, how true!

The 5 Bickies said...

I just posted mine. I went with the VERY, VERY insignificant details about me.

VJ said...

I too posted 5 random things.


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