Real Housewives of EVERYWHERE!

First of all I have some newsflashes. "Real Housewives of NYC" as well as O.C. are both returning. I am very happy to hear that-since as you know, I am sadly intrigued by both these shows! But that's not all...have you heard about the LATEST Housewives show? Get this..."The Real Housewives of New Jersey!" They didn't even ask me to be on it! WTF? The show focuses on....and I quote..."five wealthy "McMansion"-living suburbanites who navigate the chilly ennui of leaves falling from the trees every autumn and the first blush of crocuses in the springtime." Or something like that...You KNOW I'll be watching that one. Yippee!!!

I finally got to watch the final episode of "Real Housewives of NYC." I haven't commented on the show for quite awhile, so I'll give a general overview.

I've got to start with Alex and Simon. There is something seriously off with these two. Where the hell are their priorities? They buy $5,000 dresses-but their house is trashed. Their sons speak 4 languages...but they SHRIEK at social events and are allowed to stab other people's dinners with their toys! Oh and by the way...there are nude photos of Alex circulating on the web. Just do a Google search for Alex McCord nude and you can see them.

You know what...I'll give you the PG rated version with the boobies crossed out. If you want the rated R version you're going to have to do a little work.

I've never seen two people so desperate to be famous, no matter what the cost.

Next up, my favorite......LuAnn the Countess. Most people don't seem to like her. I've heard comments that she is a fake byotch and that she would crush ANYONE who gets in her way...maybe I'm a bad judge of character because I kind of like her! She seems to have a good sense of humor (except when it comes to "the help" calling her by her first name!) I love her clothes, her house her children. I love it all. I think I want to BE LuAnn! I was very touched by the scene where she helped the woman recovering from drug addiction with her interviewing skills. She seems like a genuinely caring person. (At least when the cameras are rolling!) It was a bit surprising to discover that her husband is on marriage #4. He must be a handful, but it seems she can handle it!

Bethenny...is a piece of work too. So strange the whole thing with her parents. (I'll have to do some research on that subject!) She is very intelligent and quick witted, but boy does she drink too much. She MUST have been wasted at her birthday dinner when she told Jill if she spoke one more word about material goods she was going to "f-cking stab her in the eye with a skewer!" Whoa. Rumor has it that her boyfriend Jason lost his job because he appeared on "that tawdry show" although the spokesperson for his firm said he wasn't performing up to expectations. Who knows?

Jill certainly gets alot of screen time! She seems to be involved with everyone! (Bethenny takes second place in that department!) I got a kick out of the scene where Brad and Jill harassed Allison when she was attempting to answer the phone's at Bobby's Showroom. That was pretty damn funny. The thing I love best about Jill is how she constantly says she thinks it's tacky to talk about money-and then proceeds to talk about clothes, jewelry, vacations, private schools, decorators and swanky restaurants...HELLO???!!! Do you hear yourself?

I guess they ran out of Ramona footage for the finale, because they rehashed the scene where she and her friend get beauty treatments at her friend the plastic surgeon's office. I can't believe she came waltzing in to the final dinner party an hour late because she was busy having her hair and makeup professionally done. Once again, where are the priorities? Her husband Mario's veins were popping out of his head when they arrived, he looked sooo uncomfortable! She was cracking me up when Simon and Alex's kids were getting out of control...the look on her face was priceless.

It looks like next week Jill goes off on Ramona and calls her an idiot during the "Real Housewives Reunion" interview. Oy vey!

So ladies, let's dish. What did you think of the finale? Who's your favorite housewife? Did you check out the nude photos of Alex? Inquiring minds with too much time on their hands want to know!!!

Later tonight...I'm watching my recording of the season premiere of "Workout." (Another Bravo show that I love.) Any other "Workout" fans out there?


Polly said...

I really did not want to watch this show - but it did hold a certain fascination!

I just can't believe Alex and Simon. How shallow can you get.

Bethanny - what a bod - she's gorgeous - but just an example that you can't have everything. I think I"ll keep my darling parents.

Jill - I think she's my favorite - seems most down to earth. I haven't watched enough to see her materialistic side. Brad is just her friend, right? Not really her gay husband?

Ramona - hyper and tacky!

The Countess - yeah, I kind of agree with you.

Polly said...

One more thing - if Alex and Ramona want to be famous, why don't they spend some more money on their hair? Those are some of the worst blonde jobs I've seen. Trailer park trash.

P said...

Where do I start?! First, yes, I looked up the nudies (right as my daughter walked up behind me, anyhoo). Alex is my least favorite of all the housewives, I think. And she's nowhere near as beautiful as she thinks she is. She's average, except there is something about her face that I don't like. Maybe it's her mouth or teeth. The countess, Luann, I really like her too. She seems the most down to earth, but I could be wrong. The People Magazine last week had a little about them in there from real social columnists who said these ladies are NOT socialites or in the "in" crowd by a long shot. Wonder if these ladies know they're not in?

Lauren said...

I agree with you on everything you said about the Real Housewives of NYC. Alex and Simon are unbelievable. I couldn't believe how they let their children behave at the restaurant.

It makes me wonder, what are the housewives in New Jersey going to be like? I like the original set of housewives in Orange County the best.

Enjoy your week!

Kate said...

Didn't really get into the NY show - haven't watched much tv lately. But I can't WAIT to see the NJ version! I think I'm finally over being shocked when these women think their rattiest 10 year old pair of Juicy sweatpants and a full length mink are appropriate shopping attire - but it will still be hilarious. I've met a few women who would definitely qualify for the McMansion w/ questionable taste category...

Far From Perfect said...

I was listening to this radio talk show called "Alexis & Jennifer-Whatever". A caller was talking about the show. Oh Alexis is Martha S daughter. They trashed these women. OMG-I was cracking up. Bethenny dated the host Jennifers brother. She doesn't sound very nice. Boy they cut loose on the Countess.

Alex $ Simon bother me!

Romona- needs a stylist

Bethenny- I think her childhood screwed her up? she seems very sad,drinks way too much.

Jill-I like her.

Countess- love her look.She acts like she's above all the petty stuff,but she's a huge pot stirrer.

"Work Out"...whole different store there.

linda said...

Agree with your assessment....The OC ladies just semmed to enjoy life more....this crew is so tacky- even the "Countess" LuAnn is definitely a trailer park name- I'm sure there's a great story there. Jill seems the most "motherly" or nurturing of the group; Ramona- awful; Bethanny has sad eyes- I like her somehow;Alex bad teeth and hair- sure give away that she's "reinvented " herself from a lower class upbringing.

Heather J. said...

I am strangely addicted to this show...it's like a friggin' train wreck. I can't help but to watch in stunned silence.

I have never seen such trashy women.....ever.

(I, however find myself admiring the "Countess")

Just when I thought the Real Housewives of Orange County was a bit much,they serve up these wackos.

Yet, I tune in every week, what does that say about me?

Melissa said...

I totally forgot about workout! Will need to DVR that.

I did indeed see the nude pics of Alex and I found them to be horrifying. She was trying SOOO hard to be sexy and I just found the whole thing funny! Her husband is totally gay, and the two of them really freak me out. I cannot believe the way they let their son behave at dinner.

Luann is my favorite! She lost a few points with me with the whole "Call me Mrs. Delesseps is you're the help" thing, but otherwise, I like her. I was shocked her husband was on marriage number 4 also!

Jill is my second favorite. She seems like a genuinely good person, even though she does talk about material stuff a lot. I think she means well.

Bethenney needs to relax a little bit. I think she's sarcastic and funny, and has a great body. I don't mind her, but I don't love her.

I hate Ramona! She is rude, obnoxious, and annoying! I feel so sorry for her daughter and husband! She always has an excuse and thinks "sorry" fixes everything in life. I wish she'd leave the show...

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

LOVE the recap. I'm sorry I searched out those photos...

LunaNik said...

Love, love, LOVE Betheny! Seriously...I sooo want to be her best friend. The things that come out of her mouth just KILL me!

I really like Jill too. Her accent cracks me up!

The countess...eh...I could take her or leave her. My guess is that she's a lot more pompous than she came off on that show.

Simon and Alex...well, I actually didn't mind them until I saw how their children behaved. (How effing bad did you want to shake that kid just watching the show...imagine being in the room with him???) Listen, they are deluded as to what their social status is and they try way to hard but their love for each other is so great and I just love seeing that.

Ramona...Hate her. HATE. She annoys the crap outta me.

Real Housewives of NJ?? I'm afraid. You know they are gonna cast stereotypical "Joisey" girls who are annoying as hell....can't wait to watch it!!

The Rockin' Wife said...

I am do bummed that I did not record Workout because there is supposedly "more unseen footage" of Housewives during it.

I loved this show. I had to laugh when it said Francois was "going to kindergarten at one of the best public schools in Brooklyn". Too funny, they made such a deal about their kids and their kids were horrible at the dinner. Really, sometimes kids are out of control, but that was way too much.

I like Bethanny (maybe because "drinking too much" is not an issue with me. HA! I kid.) Anyway, I liked her, but I am confused...what make her a "real housewife?" she is not a wife, she works full time. She is more like "real person of NYC".

Ramona was horrible. Rude and tacky. Her poor daughter, I felt sorry for her, truly.

LuAnn, I love her. I like the way she dresses, I thought she was very cool. I swear I was thinking the same as you....am I a bad judge of charachter, because I really like her.

Anonymous said...

When they refer to her as "the Countess" it reminds me of a dominatrix!

magnolia mama said...

I think Alex is so damn ugly. She needs to spend money getting her teeth fixed. And her husband is totally GAY. I'm not very good at keeping up with the show but I did watch a ton of the marathon over the weekend.

The Mrs. said...

I watched and enjoyed myself to death! So glad we're dishing. Romona is pathetic and sad. So attention starved! Coming late is such a sign of her deeeeeeeeeeeep insecurity. Lu Ann kind of annoys me with her "she didn't look like a drug person" and "I like your braids!" Stuff. I don;t feel like she really helped that girl, she only cared about herself feeling good. As for that francois kid he's already more obnxious than his parents! he made fun of the guy testing him!

cancersucks said...

I agree that Alex's hubby is gay...and Bethenny was on a random other reality show where singles from NYC went to the Hamptons to a singles house on the weekend to "find true love" or hook up. I am the reality tv queen....don't stone me. I am a cancer survivor and with chemo & radiation sometimes trashy, mindless tv is the only thing you can handle. Love OC housewives a ton better!

the mama bird diaries said...

for one beautiful moment, i thought i read that THE O.C. was coming back.


I miss Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marisa. Well Marisa, not so much.

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Okay, it is YOU who got me hooked on this show and I thank you! I'm not really a reality show fan because I feel it's so contrived but...once I watched it I couldn't stop.

Ramona still bugs the crap out of me. She's the kind of person I NEVER have as a friend. She's nervy and rude. And I hate it when these types excuse their tacky rudeness with "Hey, that's me! I gotta be myself." (Uh, no, you need to get along with others and have some restraint when it comes to friendships)....Ugh.

Jill is giddy to be in the "social set" (I say that lightly) but I think she has a pretty good head on her shoulders and is a good person. She's not flaky or flighty like Ramona.

I'm with you. I love the Countess. Except for that chaffeur thingie scene, she didn't bug me at all. In fact she seems so familiar to me like it's almost like I know her or know someone who reminds me so much of her. Can't think of who it is though. It'll come to me. Can't believe he's on his 4th marriage - I bet she was embarrassed to admit that. I DO think she probably married for money though. I think her kids are GORGEOUS. That boy Noel is going to be a stud. He sure is a mama's boy, but in a sweet way.

Alex is annoying, but as I saw how she basically took Ramona's rude behavior in stride, I grew to like her a little bit more. She & Simon could have reeeeallly been more confrontational about it, and they weren't. They're pretty passive. But their son is extremely annoying. And that stupid hairdo doesn't help. He acts like a weirdo.

Bethenny seems like she has ADD. She talks so fast and her family background is weird. Jason and her are a good fit because he NEVER says a word! ha ha.

Can't WAIT till the New Jersey one! If we thought Jill's accent was annoying! (I kid, I kid)....what if it was down the road from you?! Wouldn't that be exciting?

After watching the OC Housewives I've been in the mood for days to go to California! And I'm not even a California person. We're going to the U.S. Open in June and I'm going to drive around and look for the Coto women! ha ha. Seriously!

Mama Zen said...

Would you believe that I've never seen this?

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I'm a big fan of the show, too...though I do like OC Housewives better. I totally agree with Alex - super weird and slimy husband. And get the teeth fixed already! LuAnn has the most class of any of them but she has just the slighest hint of back-stabber. Ramona doesn't bother me as much as Bethanney. At least Ramona knows the value of working for herself and not riding the coat-tails of her husband's money (or at least she says so). I do like her husband. I'm neutral on Jill...the whole gay husband thing is stange but great for ratings, I suppose. Can't wait for the NJ Wives. And Workout! I used to like it but, as my husband said, they should rename it Lesbians.

Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

It was like you were reading my mind when you wrote that post. I LOVE The Real Housewives of anywhere. I will be watching NJ.
The reunion show next week should be good!
So glad both are coming back too!!!

Jillian said...

Come check out my blog and run down of the NYC housewives...I'd love an add to your blog if you are feeling up to it. I'm always looking for more readers. I'd be happy to return the favor and add you to mine:)


Here's my blog www.petitegamine.blogspot.com
It's called "note to self"

BOOPSIE said...

You may hear from
"The Goddess GAbs" I accidently found her blog and told her about yours. She's funny and has a 7 yr old daughter.

Glenna said...

Luann was my favorite. Alex, or should I say "Alex and Simon" were my least favorite. Those two are never apart.

Jerseygirl89 said...

I can't wait for the NJ one. Although I have moments of terror that they're going to film near here and I will wind up on camera in bad maternity wear. As for NY, I actually started to like all of them more, except for Ramona and Jill. Of course, more isn't saying all that much since I despised them all at first. And I'm so with Polly on the hair - how can Alex and Ramona have hair that suburban teachers wouldn't be caught dead with?

Candace said...

I'm a workout fan!
I like luanne too and I'm also curious about what you can dig up about Bethanny's heritage. Very odd!
How about that reunion????

Anonymous said...

Let's move ahead ladies.........

What about Kelly? That Hiiiii , high pitch is a killer and if she reads this she will say " I don't careeeeeee". " You mean nothing to me ".
Bethany , is pathetic with that freakin accent and new yorkisms .I think she is from the poor side of Great Neck .Now say it through your nose.GREAT NECK ! Here personality sucks . I would never allow her in my world.

Luanne and Kelly look like sister's. Both extremely attractive.
Hear the latest Luanne is getting divorced . Husband met a beauty.
Oh well, countess less.

Jill,she is needed for the mothering .
Alex and Simon are fun . She has a nice demeanor and he is not gay he is from England. Some of the men have those sensibilities.

All in all , it is just a TV show and it is staged. They are not the real housewives real one do not expose their families in this manner. Ask yourself would you ?

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