Lotions and Potions (CHEAP!)

Do you remember the good old days back in high school and junior high, when it would take over an hour in the morning to get ready for school? My bathroom vanity was filled with hair sprays and curling irons, pimple creams, perfumes and makeup. (I was one of three girls-so our bathroom looked like a drugstore!)

Thanks to Nikki at Secrets of a Black Heart, those days are back! She turned me on the the Extra Care Card at CVS, and I've gone hog wild. In the past few weeks I have acquired a huge variety of beauty products-CHEAP. Nexxus, Biore, Neutrogena, John Frieda... I've got a vanity chock full of intensive anti-wrinkle serums, warming cream cleansers, hair color glazes-you name it!

I have to admit-I was not huge on products for my hair. Now that I'm making the transition from short and orange to my goal of shoulder length-with gorgeous highlights, all my new purchases have made a huge difference in the way my hair looks.

I was never into coupons either. I thought they a huge pain in the butt. All that has changed (for the time being-I have a VERY short attention span!) I'm loving getting all kinds of goodies-PRACTICALLY FREE. It's like a new hobby-so much fun!

If you don't have the CVS card-get it! You'll get to try out all these fun products for almost no money. Each week when I get my flyer it's like a little game of strategy to get the most swag for the least amount of cash.

Through Nikki-I've discovered an entire subculture. I never knew there were so many websites and blogs dedicated to saving big bucks on the products we use everyday.

Money Saving Mom is one of the better coupon blogs...she has all kinds of schemes to save you money!

So here's the point of this post:

#1 Are you into creams ,elixirs and all the potions on the market that promise to make our hair silky smooth and our faces wrinkle free? Any favorites?

I am LOVING the Nexxus Sleek Memory Straightening Smoothing Spray. It smells amazing and my hair looks really shiny after I use it.

#2 How about coupons and sales? Are you a money saving maven? If so, let us in on your secrets!


Rachel said...

Okay, since you're like the 4th person to rave about this I think I'll have to break down and go get one. :-)

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Email me. I have some good ones...

P said...

I'll get a card. I'm such a bathroom junkie. I haven't seen a wrinkle cream yet I can't resist.

LunaNik said...

I've created a monster!


Looks like I'll be wandering over to clemsongirlandthecoach's neck of the woods for some tips too.

Oh, and I'm sooo buying that Nexxus smoothing spray on my next trip!

Kate said...

I have been pouring over the Money Saving Mom CVS info and am totally hooked! I had a CVS card years ago but tossed it when we lived in Colorado and didn't have one near by...but you better believe I just signed up for a new one!!

Candace said...

I'm totally getting on board with this too thanks to "secrets!"

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