Perspective and Balance

You may have noticed that I haven't blogged much about tennis lately. There is a good reason for it.

#1 I haven't been playing as much due to my mini bike accident. My sister is calling me a sissy but it still hurts like a bitch when I do certain things. LIKE SLEEP!!!

#2 When I have been playing I've been trying my damnedest to avoid the drama. When there IS drama, I have been channeling the Buddha and trying to remain unaffected by it. Not easy.

As you know, tennis is a competitive sport. Therefore, unless I'm drilling I either win or lose every time I play. I prefer winning. If I lose I can handle it, but when I lose to someone who is PSYCHED openly to win it kind of pisses me off.

Last week I was drilling with a Pro along with some psychos from my USTA team. They hit HARD and they were having a love fest with each other. "BEAUTIFUL SHOT!!!" "Yeah, awesome...you and Shane are definitely playing together...you're going to kick ass!" Whatever.

These ladies would rather BASH the ball into the net or three feet out than hit a "meatball", as they call it, over the net and in.

And then suddenly, as if God channeled my thoughts into the Pro's brain and out of his mouth
he said to the she-males...

"I'm really not sure what you ladies have to prove, but you really need to control your aggression on the court. If you bash the ball and it goes into the net, it does you no good." Then he turned to me, "If you play these ladies, play smart. They can only play when someone gives them speed. Take it easy, and you'll win."

Oooh, they didn't like that one bit. Man, that guy has NERVES!!!!

He had a great point. The problem is, if and when I've beat them by hitting it back consistently and with medium pace, they bitch..."that wasn't REAL tennis, that's old lady tennis."

So yeah, I like to win, but I have discovered you can't really win with some people. EVER.

My solution:

1. Continue to try not to give a shit when I get stuck on the court with these testosterone fueled ball bashing Neanderthals.

2. Look on the bright side when I deal with them, they give me GREAT blog material.

3. Move on to a new team, which I have. I received an invite to join a team of fabulous, mentally stable ladies who know how to behave. (More about that later.)

And finally, put it all in perspective. After all, it's just tennis.

(Do you know how hard that was to say???)


jenn said...

I can see where the mentally-stable chicks would be more fun to play with, but the crazy bitches are certainly more fun to read about. Promise you'll still have some wacky stories for us! Sooo much fun.

preppyplayer said...

I think you are on the right road.
Just remember when you play AGAINST those ladies, the hardhitters, lock and block. They are the easiest players to volley. Us, touch players, those with finesse and skill, we ARE the hardest to play. The hard hitters can't do it-so they bitch and moan and call us "old ladies."
The team I played on in the end was the best. We had cute outfits, great food after, wine sometimes, and a lot of fun! We were able to play great tennis! and be NICE

AngieS said...

My husband and I would love to play you ANYTIME....
(it would certainly make you feel better about your game......)

Rocker_MoM said...

i always thought tennis looked fun..but now I reckon I am too old to try...

but i hate losing too, I mean I don't losing sometimes, but I hate losing all the time..and I hate bad winners more then I hate losing..

Dr Zibbs said...

I just remembered that I know someone that was on the class of 82 East tennis team. She hung out with some of the East girls we met at Senior week then hung out with all that Summer. I'm going to have to ask a friend her name then email you.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... mentally stable people. lol. What are they like? I don't believe I know any.


Glad you've found a new team that isn't bitchy.

Anonymous said...

yes it is JUST tennis. I've learned that which is why I've spread my wings and put my name out there and played with some other women who have said 'hey can we call you if we need a sub 'cause our rosters are full but these girls never show?' I said sure!'. I rather have play time. Good play time, improve my tennis, move my way up and that my dear, is my way to just say neener, neener, to all them stupid beatches.

Anonymous said...

You wanna play at my club? The ladies aren't (all) like that. I really haven't a single catty complaint about the group I play with. Shocking, kinda.

Vodka Mom said...

I used to LOVE to play tennis. Now I just remember what it was like. (My poor knees would SCREAM if I tried that again....)

Belle in Bloom said...

Boy. That's funny. I couldn't take them. I can't even deal with a group of PTA moms. You're a better woman than me. I'm glad you found a better team of "stable" ladies. Hopefully, they will help to make it less stressful and more fun even if you have to give up some blogging material. ;)
I just got caught up with your recent loss. I'm so sorry. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.


La Petite Redhead said...

Jill, you are definitely doing the right thing!

FGG played with KIDS like this when he was taking lessons. Super competitive, hyper kids(FGG was the oldest)being egged on by their super competitive, hyped out, overachieving, got my kids in 10 different things parents. Drove FGG and me nutso!

Just give it all to the Buddah, he'll give you peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found a new group. It will make it more fun to beat your opponents by using finesse and strategy than through brute force.

Tara R. said...

Blog fodder is always a welcome by-product of people being stupid. Rock on!

HeatherPride said...

Pfft! I would have said, "So what, you guys can't even play OLD LADY tennis?? That's sad. Maybe you'll be better at CORPSE tennis. I'll just lay here and let you win."

Jaina said...

Haha, that just means they aren't good enough to play old lady tennis. They got their butts kicked. And a serious high five to that pro. Haha.

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