Tennis Tuesday

We're back from Vermont. Lovely trip, kayaking, roasting marshmallows, fishing and even a night out without the kids.

Brad and I took the girls to the church where we got married 10 years ago. (July 18, 1998 to be exact). It's so beautiful there. Mead Chapel at Middlebury College. What does this have to do with tennis? Plenty. Middlebury College has TONS of tennis courts, really nice ones. (See how I tied that in???)

Anyway. I've got a big doubles match in the morning. No pressure, but we're tied for first, so hopefully we'll win every court. But like I said. NO PRESSURE.

I'll leave you with this quote that I like from my favorite husband stealer (check out the National Enquirer for the Greg Norman/Chris Evert story).

"To be a top tennis player you have to have a tough streak in you. I was ruthless and determined because I really wanted to win. It's good for women to have a tough streak, just like it's important for a guy to be sensitive." Chris Evert

Whaddya think? Talk amongst yourselves.


Feener said...

ok small world but guess where my hubby went to college ??

Emily said...

good luck tomorrow. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Will be anxiously waiting to hear how well you did!!!!

Lane Boyz Mom said...


Stella said...

Good luck tomorrow.

I feel like I should be a little offended by her comment but I'm not completely sure why. A tough streak? I think I'm tough all over. My husband doesn't have a sensitive streak. He's sensitive.
I don't know.
I get the part about being ruthless in Tennis and all but I don't know...I'm rambling.

Paula said...

Good luck with your match!!

My husband and I have vacationed in VT many, many times and we love Middlebury. What a beautiful place to get married. Glad you had a good weekend.

Karen MEG said...

Good luck, and glad you had a nice vacay in VT. Love it htre!

Jaina said...

Happy almost 10th anniversary!

Petunia said...

Truer words have never been spoken! Athletes like Chris Evert and Dara Torres are not like normal people. They aren't just physically superior. They are mentally frickin' uber-competitive and that extends into their personal lives. Trust me. I know from personal experience... :-)

BTW, Love your blog!

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