Hangin' with the boys...

Nothing exciting or funny has happened to me in awhile, so bear with me.

I don't think I've mentioned that my 17 year old nephew has been staying with us this week. He wants to go into advertising and he's been doing a mini-internship at an ad agency all week.

I have to say that I've enjoyed having him around. The other night the two of us stayed up late telling stupid jokes and watching TV. It reminded me of college, just hanging out and being goofy. Since I have the mentality of a 17 year old, we got along quite well!

Last night my Dad, my husband, my nephew and myself saw "The Dark Knight." It wasn't exactly my type of flick, but I enjoyed it. Heath Ledger was incredible. I've always loved him and his performance in this movie was really intense, funny and creepy all at the same time.He was an amazing talent.

Aaron Eckhart who plays Harvey Dent in the movie was a standout too!

My father commented on Maggie Gyllenhall and how in his opinion, she isn't that attractive, but I liked that she is pretty in a regular way and that she had two handsome, successful men chasing after her.

Footnote: This is not a movie for the kids...very violent and dark.

Tonight my mom is watching the girls and Brad and I are going to spend the night in New Hope, PA wining and dining...

Right now I'm sitting covered in sweat after 1 1/2 hours of singles at my perfect friend Marybeth's house. (Some day I'll write about her. She's the kind of person you could hate, because her life is so awesome, but I can't bring myself to it because she's so damn nice!!)

I always feel so much better after a game of tennis-but you knew that about me already!

Have a fun weekend.


Stella said...

Enjoy your weekend in New Hope!! I love it there. Shopping, good food, and a little bit of romance...who could ask for more?!?


Lane Boyz Mom said...

Thanks for the info on Batman! I have not seen any of the previous movies, not my type of movie, but yet...I'm dying to see this one!

My boys want to see it too, my Dad was going to take them, but after reading your review, I'm a little hesitant...they are 11 & 12 (soon to be 13), so I'm on the fence now!

Glad you got some tennis in, JEALOUS here! LOL It seems everyone I know is busy with finishing up their summer right now..but I'll be back out on the courts soon enough, school will be here before I know it!

WSU Laura said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Batman movie my husband wants to take the boys. Also, I gave you a blogger award awhile ago because I just love your blog and the laughs you give me.Have a great weekend.

Belle in Bloom said...

I'm so glad you said that about the movie. My boys are dying to see it, but my husband and I have been debating. I think it's a "no". Have a great time wining and dining! Sounds fantastic.

BTW, I have one of those friends, too. I could so easily hate her, but I don't. ;)

Jaina said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I want to. I was so sad when Heath Ledger died...he was one of my favorite actors, ever since 10 Things I Hate About You.
I'm glad to hear you got some tennis in.

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