Princeton, Pancakes and Poker

As I mentioned, Brad and I had a little 10th anniversary getaway Friday night. Originally we planned on going to New Hope, Pennsylvania. Our plans changed when Brad had to work late so we decided to go to Princeton, NJ.

If you are ever in Jersey, you HAVE to visit Princeton. What a great town! We ended up walking into an amazing restaurant called The Ferry House without reservations. I thought for sure we wouldn't get in, but we got really lucky and someone had just cancelled a reservation, so we were seated immediately and enjoyed a FABULOUS meal. (I started with the Roast Portobello Mushroom Bisque with Goat Cheese and Fried Leeks, Brad had the most adorable little crab taco appetizer with mandarin oranges and avocado. Our entrees consisted of, for me, Seared Tuna, rare with goat cheese mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus and for Brad, a Cajun blackened grouper with crab mashed potatoes and steamed mussels.) So yummy I didn't have room for dessert OR coffee. (And you KNOW I never turn down a cup of java!)

We stayed at a hotel about a mile out of town and in the morning we had pancakes at PJ's Pancake House...quite the institution in Princeton.

The town Princeton is chock full of great things to do, coffee houses, restaurants, bars, awesome shopping, and the university which made Brad and I wish we had studied harder in high school. We checked out Albert Einstein's house and did lots of walking. I can't wait to go back.

On Sunday we were stuck inside, so while the girls worked on their scrapbooks and played the Wii, we pulled out the Poker set had a really fun (and long) game of 5 card draw with my parents. Other than the tense moment, when my Dad told me I could get my fingers broken for trying to look at his hand after a bluff-a good time was had by all!

If you've never played Poker, you should learn! My nieces and nephews taught me last year at the beach, and now I'm hooked. Trust me...it's a great game. (As long as you follow the rules, I promise no one will break your fingers!)

I want to have a Poker night at our house sometime..no money involved, just chips. Whoever has the most chips at the end of the night will bring home a prize...like a nice bottle of wine. I like to do something a little different than a typical cocktail party every once in awhile.

So that was our weekend here in beautiful Central Jersey. Princeton, P.J.'s Pancakes and Poker. How about you?


Lane Boyz Mom said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! I'm jealous. I got to pay money to sign my kids up for football, then I got to go spend more money at a minor league baseball game, and watch the husband, the brother in law and the sister in law get tore up from the floor up...oh wait and then yesterday I got to watch the old man take apart the Xbox and hear him cus cuz he couldn't fix it.

Ahhh good times;) LOL

I have never *gotten* poker. I think its just too complicated for me, lol My sister and her DH have a poker night about once a month. She makes all kinds of grub, and if I do go, I go to eat and I end up playing with the kids...yeah, shows my maturity level, right? But they play for money, but not big money, like little money...LOL

GetSmartGal said...

I don't like poker unless I am winning :-) I know, I know pathetic but it's true! It sounds like you had a great family weekend I could definitely use one of those. Thanks for sharing.

sltbee69 said...

Sounds like a really nice weekend - even with the threat of having your fingers broken. Daddy must take his poker serious, huh? LOL!

TheKeepersMom said...

Ahh yes. Princeton. Just dropped TheKeeper at sleepaway soccer camp at Princeton U....she will be there for one week, I will enjoy the time she spends there, Im sure!

A Buns Life said...

Sounds just lovely! We had a three yr0old b-day party at chuck-e-cheese, my son's 6th b-day party at where my daughter takes gymnastics and then a neighbor's 40th birthday par-tay. Which one did we have the most fun at? :)

Immoral Matriarch said...

Teach me to play poker?

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

Sounds like you had a great time....glad to hear you enjoyed The Ferry House...my brother is actually the chef/owner!!!!!! small world!!!!!!!

cancersucks said...

I love the Ferry house. Lambertville is fun, too. Lots of great restaurants and bars. We are close to you. Love your blog.

Jaina said...

That sounds wonderful!

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