Sin Sisters

I'm on hiatus from the sin talk until next Tuesday. In case you haven't heard, Lunanik at Secrets of a Black Heart liked my SIN SERIES so much that she decided to take the ball and run with it.

She came up with a great idea Terrible Tuesday-where bloggers write about their sins and then add their link to so everyone can compare weaknesses. So far it's been a blast reading other people's perspectives own their own vices.

The only problem...I read some of the other SINS posts and they are fabulous. So inspired! So deep! So intellectual!

If posts were meals, they would be a full course gourmet meal at Lut├Ęce.

My posts, on the other hand, are the blogging equivalent of a bag of Cheetos. Full of empty brain calories. But that's okay. We all need a few Cheetos with our Chateaubriand!

If you want to jump the Terrible Tuesday bandwagon, and tell us all about your transgressions, cruise on over to Luna's website every Tuesday and join the link! I can't wait to hear your dirty little secrets.

When the seven weeks are up, we can move to the Ten Commandments.

Today I broke the eleventh commandment..."Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's post." Hop on over to Luna's blog and you'll see why!


LunaNik said...

"...the blogging equivalent of a bag of Cheetos."

I spit my very own Cheetos out all ova my computer screen when I read this. So effing funny!

You my darling, are always light hearted and fun. Even your posts about being sinful are light hearted and fun. And THAT'S why we keep coming back for more.

Thanks for the props, btw!

Karen MEG said...

You girls are always coming up with these great blogging ideas!!! Blog therapy, the best.
I'm popping over to Luna's now...

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