OMG!! I almost forgot I have a blog...

Between my stomach bug on Sunday, and my bout with Bronchitis on Tuesday, I have seriously shirked my responsibilities as an active blogger.

With that in mind, I will now write a post. Before I do, I'd like to ask for your assistance. I don't make any money, or receive freebies for writing, but what I do get in return for my efforts is the wisdom and advice passed on to me by my blog fiends.

I wish I could take each and every one of you on a shopping excursion to find my Christmas gift, but since I can't, the next best thing is a virtual shopping trip.

You're going to have to use your imagination. Imagine you and I meeting at The Grove, in Shrewsbury, NJ. First off we hit the Starbucks. I will get a Venti Vanilla Rooibos and I will buy you the piping hot beverage of your choice.

We will proceed to catch up on each other's lives. When we he have finished our $7 cups of steaming hot yumminess, we will proceed over to the Coach store, where my friend works, to pick out a bag, which she will purchase for me at 50% off.

So many choices!!! Which do I get?

The very basic Kristin zip top tote in black???

The Audrey in gunmetal?

Or perhaps the Maggie in plum?

Here is the front runner...the textured metallic Claire. What do you think?

Maybe you hate all my choices and you sway me in another direction.

No matter what, I know you have GREAT taste and will help me make the right decision.

Next time: I promise to entertain you with a story about "THE TALK" my 5th grader and the girls in her class had with the school nurse.


3 Men and a Lady said...

Oh dear, the big deal period talk. I remember that one, complete with a complimentary maxi pad.

I like the last bag, too.

Kate said...

oh please please do tell about the "Talk". My 5th grader wants nothing to do with a "talk". I've left her alone with her books for the moment, but have to buck up and do it!

brown eyed girl said...

The Audrey, In Gunmetal.

and a 50% off coupon for me? LOL

The Talk is traumatizing. There is nothing like seeing a video of an older, grandmotherly lady slap on a big-ass pad onto a pair of blue granny panties when you are in the 4th grade.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Scratch that whole plan.

Come to ATL. Now.

Brie said...

I like the front runner for sure - that is so cute! It's an overwhelming decision for sure - but to pass up 50% off would be a crime!

Kate said...

I like the Plum

Mrs. K said...

not crazy about coach.
i just bought the michael kors zebra print bag, and got the kate spade giraffe print bag.

i want a tory burch next.

Kate said...

The Audrey gets my vote...

Oh, The Talk! Can't wait to hear how it went!

Jaina said...

My first choice is Audrey, second is Claire.

Preppy Napkin said...

great choices-i love picking a new bag each season!

Melissa said...

I am working at Coach right now too! I am getting myself a Maggie in black as a personal christmas gift to myself. Its my favorite bag there right now!

k e r r y said...

I am really liking gray these days - is that the Audrey? Love that one!

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