Raising the bar...

Okay, you're right. Blogging about my colon is in poor taste.

I'm trying to come out of the closet with this blog and there are so many off limit topics. I can't bust on tennis people, or neighbors, members of the PTO or my relatives...when I start talking politics everyone gets fired up. I know you're tired of hearing about my puppy, or how much I love Diet Coke. If I were dating me, I'd dump me! (There I go again, talking about "dumping!")

Someone told me that writing about not being able to write is lame. But that doesn't stop me.

I'm clearly I'm out of good blogging ideas.

I need something that can't get me into trouble with ANYONE.

How does one go about creating an interesting blog without trashing anyone, using potty talk or revealing embarrassing family secrets?

Help me out here people! Give me some suggestions for topics. I'll take anything you've got!!!


The Mom said...

*fave tv shows
*least fave tv shows
*things that make you go Hmmmm!?!

For My Hookers... said...

Hi there! I just read about your blog over on Sassified so thought I'd take a look.

Usually if I'm running out of topics I text all my hookers, (aka: friends) and ask for a topic.

You'll never be able to keep everyones pattys unbunched so I wouldn't worry about getting people fired up. But if you're just looking for ideas they post a new topic to write about everyday on this blog:


Jan said...

I just write about what is happening to me at the time. There is always sometrhing going on with the family. They dont read it so they are fair game. If that doesnt work I pull a memory from my childhood.

Feener said...

read the times and write about an article and how you relate to it.

Tara R. said...

I still post rants sometimes, but I feel that if it's tourist season, they are fair game. I'm guilty of writing about similar topics (mammograms 'stead colons). Just write about what you know, it's your space, say whatever you want.

I'm fortunate in that I have a nearly adult kid who sometimes guest writes for me, it's fun to have a different voice occasionally.

jenn said...

I think my fave post ever of your was the one where you got drunk at a friend's party and yakked on her comforter. Perhaps you could get drunk and unruly more often and then tell us about it?

Just a thought.

Kate said...

Why change when you are ahead ?
You are so entertaining.
Favorite recipes aren't what you enjoy writing about that may be someone's passion but not yours.
Just keep being your spontaneous self. So many people relate to you
just keep us laughing.
Do more collage stuff. One Subject what is your earliest childhood memory.

mike said...

I'm here from Sass also. And I think there is nothing wrong with colon blogging.

Dr Zibbs said...

Lets hear some stories about when you were in high school. Of course peppered with local references.

And still waiting to see that East cheerleader outfit.

Mrs. K said...

I think it's time you start up a private blog and dish about tennis- come on.

linda said...

I like reading your blog, it's funny....keep up writing about whatever you like!

Brie said...

hmph! I don't like it when people make rules for me, my facebook, my blog... keep doing what you're doing. I love it all ;)

sltbee69 said...

I say it's your blog, you write about what you want. The naysayers can go elsewhere. You'll always have a big following regardless.

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