Remember, we're all in this together...

In my last post I discussed the Nestle Family blogger event and the backlash it caused. I want to draw attention to my favorite comment on this post.

From Kate at WHIMSYBITS:

I used to do a lot of boycotting when I was younger (college age). I still think it can be a worthwhile idea...but I try to support GOOD companies instead.

I love to support local businesses and small online businesses (especially if it helps another mom!). If I read or hear about a company that has a particularly humanitarian mission (i.e. Tom's shoes...they give away a pair for every pair purchase...Kona Africa Bikes, etc.) I try to give them my business.

There is enough negativity in the world...I'd rather lend support to those that get it right than constantly looking for who's getting it wrong.

What a great attitude! Thanks Kate. You are a wise woman indeed!


Frau said...

I totally agree with Kate. I bought a Kona bike for that reason before moving here and love it. Tom shoes are great daughter and niece love them.

Kate said...

me too! And it's easier to believe the hype about companies who walk the talk than it is to believe the trash talking about evil-doers.

Kate said...

Awww Thanks!

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