The Internet and Me: A Love Story

The other night, as I sat typing away on my laptop pretending to watch the Yankees game, I realized how much the internet has meant to me over the years.

A little video montage played in my head, picture it with Kenny Rogers, singing softly in the background. Do you hear it? NO??? Try turning up the volume on your computer. Hear it now?? There you go!!

Flashback...1995, me, with my then boyfriend (now husband's laptop) dialing up and discovering the joys of AOL. 1997...engaged and planning my wedding on "The Knot."

Fast forward to 1999 and I'm sitting with an infant on my lap, looking at the Baby Center message boards and playing "Strike a Match" on Boxer Jam while nursing my new daughter.

Oh look! There I am ordering all my Christmas gifts on Amazon to avoid bringing a 3 month old to the mall! There I am again, getting scolded by my husband for having Amazon wrap all my presents for my at $3.50 per gift!!

It's now 2006 and I discover the world of blogs. See me sit at a desk reading "Suburban Cupcake."

Time flies by, it is now 2007, I look a little older, but I'm still on-line...this time starting my own blog.

The love affair continues into 2009. My blog is now 2 years old, and I have found yet another love. Facebook. Not the Facebook where I look at other people's pictures and reconnect.

Oh noooo. The Facebook that's a "Club Penquin" for adults. The world of Farmville (NOT Farm Town) Island Paradise and Bejeweled.

Oh and don't forget to notice my husband and children in the background, looking neglected.

The video wouldn't be complete without that.

I would be remiss, if I neglected to mention my BlackBerry. Words can't express the love I feel for my sweet, sweet little BlackBerry.

If find myself getting very emotional, so I leave you with Kenny....


Brie said...

Tissues in hand and dabbing eyes. We are really living in parallel worlds here - I freaking LOVED Strike a Match :)

I had to both hit mute and muffle my outloud laughing at the Kenny here in the library. Such a great touch, to a great post!

I am convinced I will be one of the last people on earth to get their hands on a blackberry or iphone. It might be best for me and my internet loving, time wasting excellence.

3 Men and a Lady said...

I love Kenny Rogers. And thank God dial up is in the dark ages, huh? ugh.

PaperCourt said...

I have a similar love affair with all things internet.

BTW, I'm totally buying that shirt in your sidebar. It will look totally amazing with my post kid boobs.

PaperCourt said...

Come to think of it, you make not even know the ad that is running in your sidebar. I do believe it's called GreatGlam.com and it is Klassy!

Jaina said...

Haha, oh Jill, I just love the way your mind works :)

Maureen said...

Suburban Cupcake... hooked me too! God love your blog. You crack me up.

As for the crackberry... I love my I-phone. don't miss the crackberry one bit...

Kate said...

So funny and so true! When we lived in VT it took a whole month for our internet to get set up...a MONTH! I thought I was going to die!!

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