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It has come to my attention, that some people from my high school days have been lurking on my blog. I did tell a few of my friends about this, and I guess word spreads quickly.

Anyway, since I know some of you out there went to high school with me, I thought I'd talk about high school, and maybe you'll come out of hiding and say hello.

Here goes.

I went to high school in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia,in the early 80's. Looking back, high school was alot of fun, but I definitely have some regrets. One of my biggest regret is that I didn't APPLY myself. (Are you noticing a trend in my life?)

Everything was about getting away with something. I skipped school, talked in class, passed notes and generally goofed around. I didn't look like a trouble maker. But I was one.

I was a classic underachiever. I was in the "gifted program" but I usually ended up in summer school.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a total slacker. I was on student council, I played tennis and was a cheerleader. But I definitely put in minimal effort. I swear, I think some of it had to do with my self diagnosed ADHD. Sitting in a classroom all day listening to a teacher lecture DROVE ME NUTS!

On the weekends and on some school nights, I would jump from party to party and drive around in my friend's Chevy Nova or GMC Gremlin listening to Journey and The Rolling Stones. Beer was usually involved in our outings. If it wasn't we found a way to get it.

As my good friend Jenny puts it. We were derelicts. (Undercover derelicts)

The good news is, I'm still friends with alot of my friends from the good old days and we have all grown up to be very responsible (kind of), respectable adults with families, and homes, and nice husbands or wives. We got our ya-yas out when we were young, and it appears that none of us are having any mid-life crises.

If you ask some of our high school teachers, they would tell you that it's a miracle.

So, how about you? Tell me about your high school days. Were you a freak, or a geek? Or were you in the National Honor Society and captain of the lacrosse team?

Write a post about it and send me a link. If you're lurking, share a memory and let me know you're reading. Or shoot me an e-mail at jillyou@verizon.net.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do a Jello shot.


Frau said...

We lived in West Chester my Sophomore year of high School 1981. Loved West Chester sadly we only lived there a year and move to Utah.

Anonymous said...

ya yas, that's one I haven't heard before, lol. I was a cheerleader party girl then switched cliques and was a too cool for school outcast. college was way better.

Anonymous said...

I freakin' hated high school. Everyone was a big jerkface and I was very shy, nerdy, and not confident at. all. I would come home crying from the bus at least three times a week because of the countless spitballs, name calling, and punching of my head. Yes, physical punching of my head. WTF, folks? My redemption is that those same kids who were assholes towards me in HS are all kind of like faux ghetto and working in the mall and are a bunch of losers, I accepted their friend requests on Facebook. And then on my facebook profile it says "PhD 2012"! LOL I am so immature!

But in all honesty, if you think you have adhd, an assessment is not a bad way to go. They're relatively painless, you can get it done in four or five sessions, the assessment psych*ologist should break the process down into several chunks and keep it as painless as possible. I had a client who preferred to come in for 1.5 hours because she knew her attention wouldn't last longer than that and she came in five or six times and was done with it. And then the psychiatrist wrote her a script and she was on her merry way! I promise it's not that bad! I will step off my soapbox and hope I did not offend you!

declanium said...

I hated high school. I was one of those shy smart girls who became a majorette instead of a jock. The most popular girl in my class (who went to the senior prom with a real look-er) ended up to be "out and proud." In college, I knew someone from West Chester. I'll throw out the name. Do you know Bob Konza (sp?)?

Caffeine Court said...


Nope, I don't know that guy.

The guy I was in love with in high school (crush), ended up as a total redneck, who cheated on his wife when she was pregnant and has been married 3 times!

Dr Zibbs said...

Is one of your regrets that you didn't me me..Dr Zibbs..and go to the Exton Drive-In with me?

Don't lie.

I will write a post or two about high school next week.

And please go to the doctor and get some adderal.

preppyplayer said...

The Frau forgot to mention that our other sister graduated from Westchester Highschool in 1981.
Wouldn't that be funny if you lived near one another or knew some of the same people?

Sue said...

I was a "nobody", I had friends in all the groups but I didnt fit into any one group. As a ballet dancer,I was friends with the nerdy guy ballet dancers. I was on the kickline (dance squad for halftime), Jocks and cheerleaders. I liked books and reading so I went to english class, but I skipped social studies and math so much I would have to go to the office and rat myself out because I couldnt remember where the classrooms were, so I was friends with both the smart kids and the deviant, smoking, metal heads who hid out behind the school during class. I was in choir and was a replacement singer in the barbershop quartet, so here come the musical kids. my mom was the church secretary, so I was friends with the really good kids too.
I was glad when high school was over, it was VERY confusing wearing all those hats, it took me a loooooong time to figure out how to wear all of them at once!

OHmommy said...

I was a social butterfly. Much like I am today. :)

Anonymous said...

I had my two besties but didn't hang out with just them. I hung out with different groups of people and actually, I still do that today. I have my local blogging buddies that I hang out with. I have my theatre addict buddues. I have my "Mexican" buddies. Viva La Raza. And my husband's buddies wives' buddies.

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