As Olivia Newton John would say...

"Let's get political!" Or was it "Let's Get Physical?" Whatever.

The point is, just when you thought it was safe to read Caffeine Court, I'm going to get all political on you.

Ever since the Presidential elections, I've noticed that bloggers have been getting really fired up when they discuss their political beliefs.
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I've heard alot of name calling. Some of the phrases I've heard include, "Kool-Aid Drinker", "white privileged mentality," "Nazi" and "ignorant redneck." OUCH!

These kind of over the top rants puzzle me. I know blogging is all about self expression, so if what you want to communicate, is that you're an angry, emotional, irrational person, go for it.

If you're trying to reason with readers' who don't agree with your views and would like to, influence their position with your intelligence and sense of reason, name calling probably isn't going to work. Believe it or not, if you have a good enough argument to back up your position, some people, who might disagree with you, might just change their mind BECAUSE of you.

If you're goal is to get a pat on the back from people who already agree with you, and, like you, love to attack and stereotype large groups of people, then kudos to you.

I really enjoy discussing politics or controversial issues, WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

I am always open to others opinions, even when they don't agree with me. I love hearing different takes on important issues. I know I can learn something from just about everyone.

What I don't enjoy is when people start getting out of control with their anger or emotion and then start up with the personal attacks. That's when the conversation ends for me.

I'm not going to go there.

We all have passion about subjects like healthcare reform, abortion, gun control, and gay rights. It's the ability to discuss these topics rationally, without getting vicious and hostile that separates the civilized from the crass.

This week I'm going to try a little experiment. (Time permitting, school starts Wednesday!)

I'm going to do some posts on some controversial issues. I'll give my take on them and then if you are so moved, we can discuss them. We will try to stay calm, cool and collected, and stick to the issues.

Those who don't play buy the rules have to sit in the penalty box.

Are you in?


Maureen said...

I love it... can't wait to read. Although, as has been said several times this weekend, politics aren't local, they are personal. I hope everyone plays fair.

Regardless, I'll be reading....

Paige said...

This should be interesting.

These kind of conversations can be great and so educational as long as people play fair. I hope they do.

I can respect anyone who THOUGHT on the way to their conclusion, instead of reacted their way there

Frau said...

Politics and religion are two topics I hold my tongue on. But I'll be back to listen in. Have a great Monday.

Karen said...

I use the expression "kool-aid drinker" and talk about the people who had that "second coming" mentality about Obama simply because it amazed/amazes me. I have never seen anything like that before. It was a crazy pre-election phenomena.

I also love discussion issue with the right people! I'll be reading and maybe commenting.

Sass said...

I can't wait to sit back and observe. ;)

Anonymous said...

The problem with people who use terms like "kool aid drinkers" is that they always think they are referring to others and not themselves when really, anytime somebody strongly believes/has faith in a political party or a politician they themselves are kool aid drinkers regardless of what political party/political issues they are.

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