That's what I want...

We all have wants. Some are really important, and some completely trivial and shallow. Here are some of mine...(in no particular order.)

  • To have a muscular toned body with no cellulite whatsoever.
  • To have a president in the White House that I think is doing a good job.
  • To never feel jealous or resentful of another person's good fortune
  • To have always have a good relationship with my family
  • To go to Europe
  • To have financial security
  • To have a cleaning lady twice a week
  • To manage my time wisely and make the most of each day

There you have it. That's the short list, of course there are many other things that I want, but that's a jumping off point.

Maybe tomorrow I'll do a little post on what I NEED.

In the meantime, tell me...what do YOU want?


Anonymous said...

I want a house, a new car, and a new wardrobe that actually fits.

I want to be twenty pounds lighter. Alongside C-cup boobs.

I want to have patience, to be ridded of jealousy and my inability to be flexible.

I'd love to have a better relationship with my family too.

That's a lot of wants!

Anonymous said...

I want my kids to grow up healthy and happy and confident. I want to lose 50 lbs. I want this post-baby acne to go away. I want new appliances and furniture. I want (need) a bigger house outside of town with no neighbors. I want (need) a minivan. I want financial security. Those are at the top of my list, but there's more ;-)

Jaina said...

That's a pretty good list there. I think I agree with all of it! One more to add, I want an extra 6 hours added to each day so that I can get stuff done AND get some sleep. I'm SO tired.

The wife said...

posted my wish list earlier today.

Alexis Black said...

I just want a damn pair of jeans that fits...is that too much to ask?

Karen said...

I want to meet a sugar daddy. Preferably one with erectile dysfunction and weak heart.

Oh, I am only half kidding. ;-)

Kate said...

Jill don't grow up. You never have and as your father I like the result.

Some of the thing I want or wanted:

A fighter pilot-settled for a cruse ship officer.

An all american athlete, settled for a couple of collage varsity letters.

To go to europe-ok-1961-1965 + later visits.

To have a good famly -couldn't ask for more-fantastic wife, great and carning kids, loving grand children.

Finicial security-who cares, more important stuff,smell the flowers.

To manage my time wisely-procrastination is great. Never do today what can be done tomorrow.

Have a muscular toned body-lost along the way.

Leave a legacy of a loving carning family-done

Shoot my age in golf-have to hang in a little longer.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post what I need-not to much here got a great wife, you and your sistrs and famlies.
Best of all I'm around to enjoy.

My trips not over yet.

Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Just a little $$$ cushion to ease some of the stress of buying a house. Lose 5 lbs. Money for our future childrens' college educations. A job I was madly in love with. More free time! :) And a free cleaning lady!

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