All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe...

Remember that song by The Hollies? I love that song, but I digress.

In my last post, I listed a few things that I WANT. This of course was my short list, but I threw out a few things that I would love to have.

Now I'm going to talk about what we all NEED to have.

Take a look at the pyramid above. This is Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs. At the bottom are our basic needs: breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis (the body's ability to regulate it's body to the outside environment) and excretion.

That's it. That's all we need...to breath, sleep, eat and do poo poo and pee pee. But let's face it, we all WANT much more, which leads us up the pyramid. (Take note that this pyramid doesn't include nice jeans, an iPod, an Apple MacBook or a trip to Florida for Spring Break.)

It's human nature to want things, and to strive to get them. It is also human nature (for most people) to have empathy for our fellow humans and to want to help those in need.

What I question is the government's assertion that they have a say in how much we make, or who we choose to assist.

Rush Limbaugh was a guest on "The Jay Leno Show" last night. He and Jay got into a political discussion (of course). Jay said he feels that it's CRAZY how much money some people make. "It's NUTS," Jay said, "these people are making MILLIONS of dollars. Do they really NEED to make that much?"

According to my research, Jay Leno makes about 16 million a year. Who is he to say some people make TOO MUCH? Who is anyone to say it?

Rush made the same point. As long as someone is making there money legally, who is anyone to say it's too much!? If Jay REALLY feels this way, maybe he can keep a million a year and give the other 15 million to the government and let them decide where to spend it. Great idea right?

Rush stressed the importance of allowing the marketplace to work out problems and to exclude the government from over regulation. He criticized Leno for caring about the salaries of CEOs. Limbaugh stated that it was no one's business what anyone else makes. I agree.

In the same vein, Limbaugh mentioned that one of his primary fears with the national health care system is that it would give the federal government justification to control the lives of American citizens. Limbaugh explained that under the guise of fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers, the government could dictate some very personal freedoms.

I love Rush's philosophy on government. Less regulation, less taxes. The government does not need to step in to solve all our problems. It's not their job. This isn't about political affiliation. For me, it's all about freedom.

In my next post I'll discuss communism and capitalism. (And no, I'm not calling anyone a communist..so chill, will ya?!)

I leave you with this video:


Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

I totally agree with this. I find it quite funny that so many entertainers make huge amounts of money but feel the need to put themselves in the place of the "average American." I think each of them who believes that the government should have so much say so should do just as you say-keep 1million and give the rest to the government. It is easy to be political and pro government when it doesn't affect your lifestyle. Same with Politicians.
Great post.

Feener said...

wait - what was jay's point..he is saying how much people make and he is right there ??? i think i need to see this on you tube. what was his point ??

Constant Frivolity said...

I'm with Pearls. My mom was telling me about a woman who did her nails at the local beauty college yesterday. She is 21, married and has two small children. They don't have healthcare, but they qualify for some program that covers the children. Not only do they receive free healthcare, but the Gov't gives her a $15 Target or Wal-mart or some such giftcard for every appointment she makes. That's right - a giftcard for just showing up for the appointment. Apparently, free healthcare is not enough incentive to get your kids to the Dr.

Jaina said...

I love Rush. And this was an awesome point. I love that the people who are all for redistribution of wealth are often the ones who have a lot of wealth. Let's start with them, shall we?

Warren D. Griffin said...

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