Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About "Whispering Stick Punishment" but were Afraid to Ask!

In my last post I told you some of the keywords that led readers to my blog. One of the strangest was "Whispering Stick Punishment." I was puzzled. Is this some kinky sex act? A gentle, yet firm method of training dogs? I couldn't figure it out, soooo, I did what my readers did.

I Googled it...and this is what I found:

Life in Colonial Times

Punishments for Kids

In colonial times teachers could punish their pupils badly. Sometimes a child would be punished by having to wear a card with an insult on it. For example, this child’s insult was “Bite Finger Baby” because he bit his finger or fingernails in class. Another punishment for students was having to sit at the back of the room where there was no heat because they were disruptive in class. If students were caught whispering in class they would get something called a whispering stick. A whispering stick was a round piece of wood which would get stuffed in a child’s mouth so it was hard to talk. A very serious punishment was when the teacher took a student outside and burned their ankles with a magnifying glass. Children in colonial times probably didn’t enjoy school as much as children today.

Mystery solved.

A long time ago I did, in fact, write a post about the school punishment in Colonial times, and now, if some child Googles it, he or she will find my blog. Perhaps that child will show it to his mother and she will enjoy it so much that she will follow my blog and click on my ads.

She will spread the word and tell all her friends who will do the same.

The checks will come pouring in, and my husband will grin from ear to ear whenever he sees me on my laptop, because he will know that I am being productive and contributing to the family with my very lucrative blogging skills.

All my dreams will come true because a long, long, time ago, I wrote an educational post.

Ain't life grand?


Bossy Betty said...

Oh my! As a teacher, I am wondering if this could be done with cell phones now. Would that be a problem?

Preppy 101 said...

I know this much. You should be getting paid for the entertainment factor you blog provides. I have a friend who doesn't even blog, and I send her links to your posts.

She is also a FarmVille addict. I have written her this message on her Facebook wall: Tomorrow on Oprah: "How I lost my best friend to FarmVille. And how I plan to open a new Betty Ford Center for FV Addicts"

She loves your posts!! Maybe you two can meet at Betty Ford and become BFF. xoxo

Azile said...

I googled it too yesterday ;) There are so many new things to learn...

Mama Wheaton said...

I agree with Bossy Betty, there needs to be a method for cell phones and school!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I like Bossy Betty's idea with the cell phones! If your phone rings in class, you have to go outside and place the phone in your mouth. Then, your teacher will come out and burn your ankles with a magnifying glass!

Thanks for the laugh this morning, I needed that!

Jaina said...

Those punishments are horrible. I bet they had much better behavior than we do now. Glad you figured out why the search led to you.

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