Real Housewives of NYC Finale Recap-Part One

(Notice the STEP & REPEAT in the background!!!)

I'm going to do this in two parts because I already dedicated an hour to watching the episode, and if I spend another hour writing about it, then I truly am a loser.

Here goes:

We start the episode with the conclusion of the another Arthritis benefit meeting. Kelly and Bethenny have hashed out their little feud, so now it's time for Jill and Ramona to go at it.

Ramona shows up late as usual, but she has a nice surprise, a sponsor for the benefit who will donate $10,000. YAY! Jill feels this sponsor deserves a place on the "step and repeat." (You learn something new everyday!! I never knew there was a name for the sign that people get there picture taken in front of at events!!!! I'm so "declasse" as Ramona would put it!)

Anyway, Ramona is shocked that Jill would consider putting Zarin Fabrics on the "step and repeat" and they have a big old bitch fest, back and forth about whether or not it's tacky to put the name of your own business on the "step and repeat." In MY humble opinion, if your business is one of the event sponsors, why not put your name on the "step and repeat?" Apparently Jill won out on this argument, because the day of the event both Zarin Fabrics and Tru Renewal.

The focus then shifts to Alex. The big event is one week away, and she hasn't invited a single person. Ramona is appalled. As she very well should be. It's pretty lame to be on a committee and not invite any friends to an event. In this case, Ramona has a point, although she is always obnoxious when she makes one.

Moving right along. We jump to the Countess and Count and a completely anticlimactic scene where they ring the opening bell (or rather press the opening button) at Nasdaq. SNORE.

Jump to the Countess' crib and a little cooking lesson with Bethenny for Rosie, "the hired help."

I love the way Bethenny was so proud of herself for having a conversation with Rosie and treating her like a human being. You could tell LuAnn felt so uncomfortable having a real discussion with such a "lesser" being. And god forbid LuAnn give up Rosie for a few hours to take a cooking lesson. Who would interact with her children? Who would do all the dirty work? Certainly not THE COUNTESS! In her defense, LuAnn really knows how to work a catwalk. She has that down!!! You don't learn to strut like that if you have to do menial tasks like laundry and spending time with your children.

Next stop, the Jill ZAAAHRIN, Ally Shapiro, sex talk. Lovely. Nice staged moment. Apparently Jill can advise her daughter on sex because she's "done it all." Really Jill? Tell us about it? Is Bobby kinky? Does your gay husband Brad jump in for a little action when things get boring? TELL US!!!

Okay, time for this "Real Housewife of NJ" to go about my business. I don't have a Rosie, so I have to do all the nasty stuff myself.

Poor me.


Legallyblondemel said...

Hello, I found you via my Google Reader's "you should be reading this" thingy. Turns out my reader was right!

I watched every sordid minute of this "RHNYC" episode last night and was ready to DECLASSE Ramona right in the face. Honestly, woman; down a pinot grigio or ten and just pipe down.

Brie said...

I forgot to tivo it last night. Now that was declasse! Loved your recap and can't wait for part 2! Now it all makes perfect sense why I suck on the catwalk :)

Emily said...

you make me smile!!! thank you!!!!!

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