Extemporaneous Blogging

I have no burning desire to blog about anything in particular, so I'm just going to wing it.

Here are some topics I've been thinking about:

The movie "17 Again." Took the girls to see it yesterday. I had heard it was inappropriate, but since they didn't show anyone getting killed or engaging in actual intercourse, I decided to take a chance. Yes there was some condom humor, and my daughters asked what the "things" they gave out in class were. I just said I wasn't telling and they accepted it.

Zach Efron is adorable, but my "gaydar" tells me he is not into girls and that Vanessa Ann Hudgens is a "beard." I wonder if he'll ever come out of the closet.

My poor 5 year old daughter. I think the movie bored the hell out of her. She spent most of the time slumped over in her chair with her eyes closed looking completely uninterested.

And there you have it...I think I have myself a blog post!!! A completely lame post, full of quotation marks and shallowness, but at least I have SOMETHING!

I'm not even going to attempt to continue.

My work is finished.


Cid said...

I sat through 17 Again with a group 9 year old boys. They loved the basketball stuff but the condoms went right over their heads, I think. I agree about Zac, he's too pretty.

jenn said...

I told my nine-year-old that the condoms were vitamins when we went to see it. It was the first thing that popped into my head!

Anonymous said...

I told J that condoms were hats men wore and prayed it didn't come back to bite me- so far it hasn't - i like to push the envelope that's why i said it ;)

you really think he's gay?

Cid said...

Well, they did make a joke about it in the movie to show how not gay he is or maybe that was a cover 'cause he is really gay ...

Anonymous said...

I have always thought Zac Efron is totally gay, too. He looks like it and was in HSM... hello!!! I think the HSM work makes it pretty obvious.

Jaina said...

I like him...that movie looks good, haven't seen it yet though.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Cherish the days they are not 'interested' in this tween/teen stuff because once they are sucked in, everything changes. I miss my little girl who loved Barney!

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