A Minty-Fresh Pick Me Up!!!

Okay, so you loved the MAC "Shroom" eyeshadow, now I'm going to let you in on another product that I adore that combines two of my favorite things, fresh breath and caffeine...

FOOSH® Energy Mints.

These little suckers rock!! As you know, I love the burst of energy I get from my coffee and Diet Coke, the drawbacks of these two little addictions are, frequent trips to the ladies room, brown teeth, aspartame and coffee breath. YUK.

FOOSH® Energy Mints are sugarfree, fat-free and made with premium peppermint to give you amazingly fresh breath while energizing your life! More than that, each energy mint in every tin or blister pack of FOOSH® is like having a cup of coffee ready to go in your pocket!

Get Fooshed Today!

Imagine, smelling minty fresh while you whiz through your day full of vim and vigor.

FOOSH Mints. Truly a dream come true.

(The people over at FOOSH asked if I would be their celebrity spokesperson, but I politely declined. As you know, I'm too busy with tennis, Facebook and reading The National Enquirer to hold down such a demanding job...if any of you are interested in the gig, let me know and I'll pass the word onto the folks at Vroom Foods, Inc.)


Mama Wheaton said...

Minted and energized all in one, no way to lose!

R. J. said...

It sounds wonderful, but I'll have to pass after seeing the list of ingredients, the first of which is sorbitol. I used to make myself sick by consuming sugar-free products that contained sorbitol and manitol which are both laxatives.

I love coffee and caffeine but I drink my coffee black and gargle with lemon water.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, someone would have to eat several hundered of these at once to get any kind of laxative effect, but then you would be having other problems.

Alexis Black said...

Hmmm? Still thinking about my refueling options for my first half marathon on Sunday. Will these help?

Rob said...

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Brie said...

I prefer you on 5 hour energy - flipping furniture and such

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