Mrs. Overly Competitive Middle Aged Team Tennis Player....

I was driving in the car today, when I heard the radio version of this commercial....it's one of Bud Light's hilarious "Real Men of Genius" spots...

This particular spot really hit home for me because it's all about ME...on the tennis court.

A few of the phrases really rang true...(sing the words in red...)

"A little competition never hurt anybody...unless of course that person happens to be the person you're playing against. Bring on the pain."


"Blazing speed? NO! Great hands? NO? Unresolved issues over being cut from the team 17 years ago? BIG TIME!!!! I still have issues!"

"You leave it all out on the field (court)...your blood, your sweat, your dignity. Dignity is overrated!!!"

No kidding. Just ask my sister. I played against her a couple of weeks ago and she laughed at me the entire time. The mean look on my face, the way I hurled my body across the court after every ball paying no mind to how absolutely hideous I looked as a flailed my 45 year old body around the court with full gusto.

It's quite a sight. Perhaps someday I'll have someone video me and post it for your enjoyment.

Picture the dude in this commercial with longer hair and a tennis skirt:

Sooooo, if you ever want to join me for a "friendly" game of tennis. FUHGGEDABOUT IT!!

I've got issues!!!

But at least I admit it.


Poolside with the Girls said...

Love those commercials. I'd play you but I'm afraid of being hit by the ball!

Brie said...

Hilarious - I love the guy that sings the lines in red

Jeff K said...

I was that way back in the day. I think something happened in my mid 40's. Don't know what but the overly competitive thing sort of faded away. Except at the poker table! Must beat younger brothers!

Rob said...

Here are a few tips from a kindred spirit.

Make sure you keep score

Dispute every point the other person makes

When finally confronted with the wild inaccuracy of your record keeping claim passionately that you were only playing for fun, and it is the other person who has the problem, not you.

Generally this sort of behaviour allows you to win, makes you look like the bigger person, and if continued often enough will eventually be accepted as the norm.

With persistence soon you will actually believe you are much, much better than you are.

And thank you again for encouraging my poor behaviour and featuring my blog in one of your entries.

tripleZmom said...

I do love that commercial. And I'm honestly impressed that you actually chase after the ball, I always duck.

linda said...

Come on....more tennis tales from the New Jersey leagues, please!!!!
I'm sure you've got lots of funny stories!

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