Pure Desperation

In exactly 10 days my children start a new school year, at which time I anticipate my brain functioning normally again.

Until that time, I am completely incapable of coming up with anything remotely clever.

I figure if I can't be clever, the least I can be is helpful to anyone who wanders over to this blog.

So here is a little something you might find interesting.

At this time, I'm going to ask any male readers to please move along to a manly blog.

You have been warned!!

Okay, if you're a woman, here is a product I just discovered...

Tampax Pearl.

I know what you're thinking..."she's 45 years old and she's just discovering Tampax?" Or maybe you're thinking. "Wow, she wasn't kidding, she IS desperate for material!!"

Whatever. I really am trying to help you, so chill.

Anyway...I have discussed this subject before, and perhaps you are familiar with my "little problem" the first couple of days of my monthly visitor. It's a real drag running to the bathroom every half hour to tend to my hygiene. When you factor in that I have to do this for approximately 24 days out of the year, feminine products are a big deal in my life.

I have been a loyal user of the standard Tampax tampons, but I got a free sample of these little gems the other day and they have set me free!

They are sooo much better than my old tampons. (Ewww.. old tampons...gross!!)

Let's just say, I can now go about my business with full confidence.

I love these so much that I now feel comfortable wearing my tennis whites each and every day of the month...JUST LIKE SERENA!!!

Take it from me...if you want powerful, convenient, leak proof protection, these are for you!!!!

Wow. This blog has really hit rock bottom. So, so sad.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any cases of TSS or other health hazards due to reader usage of Tampax Pearl. I have not been compensated for this endorsement. I have not been compensated for ANY endorsements, but I am open to anything. You know where to reach me.


Anonymous said...

Tampax Pearl? Next thing you know they'll start bedazzling them.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Ooh, I didnt take your advice... I didnt look away.... aaargh! tampax! I am blind!

There are some girls things a guy just should not know about....

aaargh! my eyes!

Kate said...

i hope you were paid for that plug???? I can't wait for menopause and to be done with tampons!

Anonymous said...

While I completely appreciate the tip and the heartfelt endorsement...have I not taught you ANYTHING????

You should not endorse this product unless you are getting PAID!!!

On that note, thanks for the tip.

LovetoScrapLeslie said...

As a person who just had a problem on the court 2 days ago (and I'm older than you), tks for the heads-up about this new product (wish I read this post last week).

Tennis Doubles Addict

P.S. I've just discovered your blog and want you to know my name for tennis players who take the game way too seriously are "tennizillas".

Karen said...

I love the pearl. They are all I use.

♥Georgie♥ said...

LOL...I am so happy for you my cheerleader swears by playtex 'sport' maybe you will get a sample of them too or lordy maybe they were your 'old' brand at any rate i am so thrilled you have found the pearl oh lmao at katies comment of 'the plug'

Just Little Ole Me said...


Kate said...

Pearls are the only way to go if you do any kind of sport!

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

Tampax pearl is the best... But screw Tampax for confusing me and putting an ad for Pearl on a generic crappy box with cardboard applicators. I was very confused.. I only glanced at the box saw the word pearl and went home... Seriously who advertises on a different box??

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