You've really outdone yourselves this time!

I must commend all my commenters (commentators?) on the Photo Faux Pas post. BRAVO! This is why I love having a blog. I get to interact with so many funny people!

To show my appreciation for all your fabulous insights on the family photo controversy I have bestowed on each and every one of the commenters the prestigious Caffeine Court "You're The Balls Award."

Please display it on your blog with pride, and if it isn't too much trouble link it back to yours truly. I need all the traffic I can get in order to parlay this blog into super stardom.

Love you guys!

Oh and P.S. Here's a funny little tidbit on the "Pompous Family Photo Expert" aka Dick.
He ran for a position on the school board. There were two positions and three people were running. Guess who came in third?!! HA! Maybe some other people heard his little comment. Serves him right.

And I am going to order the beach pictures of my girls. There is an empty space right next to my front door and I think the photos would look AWESOME in our entryway. SO THERE. Just call me "Roseanne."

Have a great weekend.

(Ohh, just realized my award says "You're the THE BALLS!" I'll have to talk to my graphic designer about that one. Take it anyway. It's still a good award.)


Kate said...

His name is Dick how appropriate

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

too funny!

jenn said...

Aww, thanks, Jill! You're such a sweetie.

I'm glad to hear you're framing the beach pix of your girls. I'm sure they're gorgeous!

NJDecorator said...

Way to good to pass up...his name is Disck....16 year old inside snickering histerically.

Far From Perfect said...

my x's name is Dick also. Funny how some names just fit a person personality.

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