My colon is so nice!!!

OMG! I just got a voice message from my colon!!! You can hear it by clicking on the Snapvine Gadget to your right!

She's never actually said anything to me before. Usually she communicates non-verbally, but I think when she caught word that I was considering doing the Master Cleanse she panicked and found a way to get to a phone!! I wonder if she used my BlackBerry? I thought I felt a little discomfort and pressure the other day.


Anyway, she's really nice. Thanks for calling colon. I hope to hear from you again real soon.


Kate said...

Your colon sounds like she's full of shit

Just A Chic... said...

Your colon will appreciate the Master Cleanse when its all done. I lost 15 pounds doing it. No exersize, no change in diet...just the cleanse.

Frau said...

thats a sign alright ...stay away from the cleanse not worth it!

Dr Zibbs said...

That is obviously your kidney. What are you trying to pull?

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