Can you re-gift a post??

I guess technically, you can't. But you CAN repost a post.

Sooooo...without further adieu...here's a post from December 2009.

Christmas Letters: Writer Discretion is Advised...

Here's what NOT to write...

Dear Friends,

2009: the year (and the decade) ends. If we were like most of you, we'd be exhausted, but since we are better than you, we feel exhilarated!!

We're thrilled to report that our entire family is healthy, happy and excelling at all we do.

We realize that the economy is tough. Many of you are out of work or struggling to make ends meet. We feel for you.

Happily, our careers are thriving. Things on the job front are all moving in a positive direction. My company is growing in leaps and bounds. I received a big promotion along with a raise and bonus. We are so thankful for our good fortune and the sky is the limit.

Maryann has been teaching five courses at the university. All were at the masters level. She has traveled the country lecturing to sold out crowds in Boston, Denver, Philly and Chicago.

She also worked as the General Contractor on our massive home renovation. Wait until you see our new Chef's kitchen, home theater, incredible master bath and full finished basement. We certainly hope it makes you green with envy!!!

Onto the kids!!! Evan (12) is a lacrosse and baseball champion. In addition to making straight A's he has been playing on 5 undefeated teams and attending many prestigious lacrosse camps in his "free time."

Riley (9) continues with her rigorous ice skating program and we have our sights set on the 2018 Winter Olympic Games! Having such a talented daughter is quite an adventure and we thank god every day that he gifted her with such skill and grace.

And let's not forget little Will. (7) Will is the family daredevil. He has won a trophy case full of awards in snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. It's amazing how he masters whatever he tries with such gusto and skill!!!

Well, that wraps up another chapter in our busy, blessed lives.

May you all be as lucky as we are in 2010.

With love-

The Fab Family

Oh and by the way...I live a few doors down from the Fab Family. I exaggerated their letter, but the REAL letter is embellished so damn much, it should win an award, for SCIENCE FICTION!!!


Kate said...

yep, I hate those people too

Brie said...

Those letters are insane- I kind of like getting them b/c I love to smirk and roll my eyes and maybe even let out an occasional "YEAH RIGHT!" as I am reading them. I think the fact that an actual neighbor is mailing you the newsletter is weird and hilarious all rolled into one.

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

You copied my annual letter. The shame you must be feeling. lol

Lipstick said...

LOL...those letters are so absurd!!!! They always sound like people are bragging even if they don't mean to, although I have to think, why else do people send out Christmas letter except to brag?

Preppy 101 said...

Cannot stand those letters. Absolutely cannot stand them. Of course, they write them to brag! I mean I have never received one that said "unfortunately daughter #1 got pregnant this year and had to drop out of college, and the baby's daddy is in prison". . . haha But I LOVE this post!! xoxo

Poolside with the Girls said...

hey...wait, I know those people and I received that same letter!

I have never been inspired to write such a thing. Can you imagine how long they must work on that letter making sure it's just right.

Preppy 101 you kill me!!!

Mama Wheaton said...

I've thought about writing a Christmas letter but then I would be sending it to people who already know what's going on in my life so what would be the point?

preppyplayer said...

How do you know my cousin?
Interesting, we DIDN"T get a letter the year that her oldest pretended to graduate high school but actually didn't, her daughter became pregnant at 18, and her other daughter quit school.
True story.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate holiday letters. They are so pretentious and FOS.

Anonymous said...

And no one ever mentions their son's drug addiction or daughter's teen pregnancy in them, I've noticed. LOL.

Mom on the Run said...

I must be the only one who loves them. We have a great time reading them aloud. I always write one, too, but tongue is firmly in cheek and it's in my usual smart alec "voice". We get one every year from someone in our Sunday School class who we see every week....it's our favorite for a really good laugh...this year she actually said something about her son's grades and "his great mind". I am not lying.

Petunia said...

I just received one of these today! Honestly, it always makes me feel like a lazy pathetic loser. Blech.

That is odd to receive one from a neighbor!!! haha!

Pink Martini said...

I don't even read 'those' letters anymore but I have to say this was the year of letter sized family photos without anything written on them anywhere. Things are getting pretty impersonal but still I rather have the picture than the brag letter any day.

linda said...

LOL. Oy, every town has a family ( or two ) like that!!!

Holly said...

Ahahah that's hilarious! I wish my Christmas letters were that exciting! :P

Constant Frivolity said...

I think this was one of the first blog entries of yours I read. It made me laugh so hard I KNEW I needed to follow you.

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