I'm not the only mom who has been "sucked in" to this craze-but it has gone a little too far. My daughter has 60 of these little critters. Normally I don't get involved in this kind of stuff-but I have to admit-I got into the thrill of the chase. I genuinely got a huge rush if I could hunt down a Sherbet Bunny or Dalmatian before anyone else!

My daughter was even earning commission Webkinz for sending business to a retailer 30 minutes from our house!

Needless to say-my husband is pissed!! He hates stuffed animals (too much clutter) and feels this money should be spent in a mutual fund or invested in real estate.

Don't even get me started on the website. My oldest daughter was compulsively drawn to the computer like a moth to the flame. I would literally have to pull her away from the monitor.

One day I decided I'd like to give it a whirl. Now I understand. I love the games-it's so much fun trying to win points to shop-and 45 minutes can fly by pretty darn fast when your playing "Quizzy's Word Challenge." There are much worse vices-but I'm hoping we can move on soon!


Anonymous said...

whatttt!i can't take it...really no comment:)

Jill said...

Dude-what the????

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